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Frost At Christmas Frost At Christmas

by R D Wingfield

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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SUMMARY: DETECTIVE INSPECTOR JACK FROST Jack Frost, Denton Division, is not beloved by his superiors. In fact, he's something of a pain in the brass: unkempt and unruly, with a taste for crude humor and a tendency to cut corners. They'd like nothing better than to bounce him from the department. The only problem is, Frost's the one D.I. who, by hook or by crook, always seems to fmd a way to get the job done. Ten days to Christmas, and Jack Frost is in no mood to celebrate. Once Frost takes reluctant charge of a district-wide search for a missing child, his commanding officer, Divisional Commander Mullett, orders him to interview a local crank who fancies herself a psychic. To make matters worse, he's been assigned a new sidekick for the investigation: the Chief Constable's nephew, Clive Barnard--one name Frost wouldn't mind seeing on a missing persons report. But Barnard isn't about to disappear, so the inspector will have to find the girl despite him, in his own unique fashion. When the crank's tip leads to a long-buried corpse, Frost finds himself embroiled in an old unsolved case better left untouched. But Frost never could leave the dirt alone, even if it means putting his career--and his life--in jeopardy.

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