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Doryan Doryan

by Kate Rudolph

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

Series: Mated To The Alien

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Read Doryan Storyline:

She's investigating a murder…And the main suspect is her fated mate!
Amy is determined to land a private investigating job with the Detyen Legion… but she didn't think she'd be solving a murder. All signs point to Doryan, a golden alien who's hiding a big secret, but Amy is convinced he didn't do it. Proving that could be deadly!
Doryan has been hiding away from the Legion for months, certain that he'll be executed if they find him. He's one of the soulless: a warrior who sacrificed his ability to feel emotion in exchange for a longer life. And once the soulless outlive their use, the Legion must retire them. But when he's around Amy, long dead feelings rise to the surface. It should be impossible, but Amy is his denya, and he'll do anything to seize his second chance!
However, if they can't find the real killer, their bond will be broken before it ever gets a chance to form! And when bodies begin to pile up Doryan's life is not the only one in danger!
Read Doryan for fated mates, a heart-meltingly broken hero, a smart and savvy heroine and adventures that are out of this world!

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