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The Gothamites The Gothamites

by Eno Raud

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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From Estonia's most celebrated children's author Eno Raud, comes a spirited tale of the wise, turned utterly foolish Gothamites, on a journey to capture light, solve riddles, and make sense of the world without a "grain of wisdom." Through Pritt Parn's brilliant and overflowing illustrations, the world of Gotham bounds beyond each page.In a faraway land live a bright, industrious people called the Gothamites. They are known for being model citizens, so much so that other communities constantly call upon them for advice, leaving the Gothamites with no time for themselves. Fed up, they hit on a solution: they'll become the most foolish people around: after all, no one wants foolish advice. Chaos ensues, brilliantly captured by Eno Raud's wordplay and Priit Parn's crowded illustrations. From one of Estonia's most cherished children's authors comes the spirited tale of a town that decides to wreak havoc in hilarious fashion.

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