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Spell Hath No Fury Spell Hath No Fury

by ReGina Welling

Genre: Romance

Published: 2018

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…like a witch scorned.Lexi Balefire figures she can handle a little competition when a rival matchmaker comes to town. But Lexi isn't expecting to have her entire life turned upside down.When Lexi's true love, Kin Clark, returns from his rock tour without even letting her know he's back in town, Lexi discovers she's got more in common with her former arch-nemesis, Serena Snodgrass, than she ever thought possible.Now, with her demigod half-brother—also the father of Serena's unborn baby—back in the picture, Lexi must sidestep his attempts to sabotage her matches while watching her own love life go down the toilet.Again.

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