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Illusions of Evil Illusions of Evil

by Carolyn Keene

Genre: Childrens

Published: 1994

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In a carnival of crime, Nancy finds nothing is what it seems . . . except the danger.
Nancy has come to Riverfront amusement park at the invitation of famed illusionist Adriana Polidori. Having inherited the park after her uncle's tragic death, Adriana now finds herself on a roller-coaster ride of terror. For Riverfront has suddenly been transformed into a world of delusion, deception, and potential disaster!
The danger begins with the sabotage of Adriana's magic act and quickly spreads throughout the complex. Squeals of joy turn to shrieks of fear as the park's rides spin out of control. To rescue Riverfront, Nancy knows she'll have to work some magic of her own. A dirty trickster is on the loose, bent on making Adriana disappear . . permanently!

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