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Ravenworthe Ravenworthe

by Ginny Hartman

Genre: Historical

Published: 2019

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With a gift for detective work, born from his tragic past, Colin Ravenworthe has made a name for himself among London's elite. His success has afforded him a life of comfort and intrigue, so much so, he hardly notices anything is missing. That is, until Bridget stumbles into his life, turning his feelings and his world upside down.

The daughter of a merchant, Bridget Godwin doesn't fit in with theĀ  ton, though her father's vast wealth opens doors to her that would otherwise be closed. When tragedy strikes, her lackluster world turns into a confusing mess of suspicion, false accusations, and a desperate need to seek the truth, no matter the cost.

Hanging her hopes on the one person she can trust, Bridget hires Detective Ravenworthe, and the pair soon discovers their family tragedies are intertwined in ways neither could ever suspect.

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