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Morrighan's Champion Morrighan's Champion

by C.S. Fanning

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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Aeden has dreamed of adventure all his life. When he and his friends have that adventure thrust upon them upon their Nameday, he discovers that the quiet life is something to be appreciated, but now he will never have it again. Passing from one peril unto the next Aeden and his friends are drawn into a war of men and gods.His second wife has trouble fixing his special Bombay martini. A classic spousal abuse tale. The splash of vermouth is never correct. The garnish is wrong and the gin is from Baltimore.A woman writes of her visit to the Head Hunters of BorneoA man wants a cell phone in his casket. He fears the undertaker may cremate him too soon.An alien civilization is in trouble. Their DNA is not stable. They buy humans to use their DNA to aid in saving their people.

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