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If Only If Only

by Ann Ritchie Domela

Genre: Other2

Published: 2011

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If you’ve ever been in love or especially fallen in love for the second time around, this book is for you. Katherine Watson is vacationing in the Madonna Inn, a unique hotel in the central coast of California. She had planned to go there with her now deceased husband. It is there that she meets an old love. Each of them is hiding a secret.Katherine Watson was guilty of a youthful marriage, too quick with the wrong man and soon forgotten. She was also guilty of settling for a marriage of security, but lacking in love. While vacationing at the world famous Madonna Inn, she meets up with an old flame from a love that was doomed to fail. Is true love ever possible after all her mistakes? Is it possible to re-kindle the flame that burned in her heart? They have both changed in the many years. And they are both hiding secrets. Hers is one of deception that could ruin their relationship while his could cost Katherine her life.

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