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Hot and Haunted Hot and Haunted

by Viola Grace

Genre: Paranormal

Published: 2019

Series: Wakeman Grimoire

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Life is busy when you are half-ghost, half-human, and fully booked rescuing the haunted from their loved ones.

Hecate knew she was never supposed to walk in the world. She hadn’t been an afterthought. She was an act of desperation.

Growing up in a small town was rough, but having her family pretend that she didn’t see ghosts made things harder. As soon as she had enough money, she bought a place out of town and got to work.

All day, every day, she had her phone on, and she waited for the call that would summon her to someone whose deceased loved one was draining them or terrifying them. Each one called for separate techniques, and she got very good, very quickly.

Her sister’s engagement complicates Hecate’s life as she is suddenly visible to the paranormal society at large with her introductory visit to Oak Point Way. The Nexus Guard is friendly, the gnomes are frisky, and the pixies are a flying menace. Ghosts were a breeze next to the paranormal.

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