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This Immortal Coil This Immortal Coil

by M. Benjamin Naves

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

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The start of an on-going series of Supernatural Westerns... A bounty hunter for both Heaven and Hell sets off kill the things that go bump in the night. Faustus Kain, first son of Adam, has since changed his life and his name—was it for the better? Who's to say? All he knows is that he's repaying his kills for his sins, or so he says. In reality, as long as he has his pistols to his side and a drink in his hand, he doesn't really care what the outcome really turns out to be. He can't die anyways...This Immortal Coil: As hinted in The Deadman's Almanac, Kain was submerged in ice for countless of years before being thawed out by the legendary alchemist, John Dee. Told between two separate narratives, this is the tale of how Crusader Kain, later known as the bounty hunter, Jeremiah "Tombstone" Graves, awoke from this icy slumber.

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