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Sandringham Rose Sandringham Rose

by Mary Mackie

Genre: Other2

Published: 2021

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To save her home, she faces a difficult choice.When Rose Hamilton's mother died in childbirth, her father, a farmer on the royal Sandringham estate, turned his back on the daughter whose birth killed his beloved wife. Rose's one joy is Orchards, her father's beloved farm. When he collapses, it is left to Rose to manage their land and do battle with their landlord Bertie, the lecherous Prince of Wales, who quickly turns vindictive. Faced with more family tragedy, Rose is left with a choice to make – either she must marry in order to stay on at Orchards, or leave the farm.Reliable Basil Pooley has been in love with Rose for years, though Rose has never returned his feelings. But Geoffrey Devlin, a man she has both loved and hated in equal measure since she was a girl, is an impossibility. Will she be forced into a marriage with somebody she does not love, or can she find a way to save her beloved home?An engaging...

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