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A Double-Pointed Murder A Double-Pointed Murder

by Ann Yost

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2019

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Double Pointed Knitting Needle Becomes Murder Weapon in the Cozy Mystery, A DOUBLE POINTED MURDER by Ann Yost—Red Jacket, Michigan, On the Keweenaw Peninsula—When Cricket Koski, a barmaid from the Black Fly, is stabbed to death with a double-pointed knitting needle on New Year's Eve and deposited in the bed of Lars Teljo, it's up to Hatti Lehtinen to exonerate her ex-brother-in-law. It's not that Hatti, who runs a fishing-slash-knitting supply shop, is a trained detective. It's just that Sheriff Clump considers his collar a slam dunk because an affair between Lars and Cricket three years earlier has made him vulnerable to blackmail.But there's a problem...Everyone in the tiny, Finnish-American town on the Keweenaw Peninsula has to wear more than one hat and, as acting president of the chamber of commerce, Hatti has to host a quintet of television personalities who arrive unexpectedly to film an Antiques Roadshow knockoff called What's in...

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