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Untamed Hunger Untamed Hunger

by Tiffany Roberts

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

Series: The Infinite City

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She's One Human In An Infinite City...And He Will Not Stop Until He Possesses Her!
It should have been an easy job - deliver the ID chip, get paid, and get out. But when Drakkal sees a beautiful human in his client's private zoo, and instantly recognizes her as his mate, the situation gets complicated. The motto he's long lived by - don't be stupid - is cast aside, as the beast in him demands he take this female and make her his, no matter what he must do. And when she runs from him, the hunt is on!
After being impregnated by her dirt bag ex-boyfriend, abducted, and sold to be a breeder in a rich alien's basement menagerie, Shay has to admit things aren't looking great. However, she's determined to give her unborn child a decent life. Her first opportunity appears in the form of a gruff but insanely attractive azhera, who forces Shay's owner to sell her to him. Refusing to trade one alien master for another, she escapes him at her first chance. Yet, Shay can't forget the intense azhera and his heated stare - and soon realises that he's not going to forget her, either...
But Shay's former owner also remembers, and he's determined to retrieve his prized possession - and have his revenge on the azhera who took her!

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