The Kif Strike Back

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The Kif Strike Back The Kif Strike Back

by C. J. Cherryh

Genre: Science

Published: 1985

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In this third volume of Cherryh's acclaimed Chanur series, Captain Pyanfar of The Pride of Chanur must rescue two kidnapped crewmembers: Tully, the ship's only human, and Hilfy, Pyanfar's own niece.
When the kif seized Hilfy and Tully, hani and human crewmembers of The Pride of Chanur, they issued a challenge Pyanfar, the captain of the Pride, couldn't ignore, a challenge that would take Pyanfar and her shipmates to Mkks station and into a deadly confrontation between kif, hani, mahendo'sat, and human. And what began as a simple rescue attempt soon blossomed into a dangerous game of interstellar politics, where today's ally could become tomorrow's executioner, and where methane breathers became volatile wild cards playing for stakes no oxy breather could even begin to understand...

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