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Saving Tess Saving Tess

by M. S. Parker

Genre: Romance

Published: 2018

Series: New Pleasures

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*I woke up with no memory of the last six weeks of my life only to find myself in a strange bed with a strange man telling me that I was in Costa Rica. Not knowing why I’d come to this country or what caused my amnesia should have been the worst I had to deal with. Not with my luck.*

Journalist Tess Gardener had gone to Costa Rica to find her missing sister only to reunite with her first love. Now, without memories to tell her that she’s not alone in a foreign country, she trusts the young man who saved her from a horrible car accident and hopes she won’t be betrayed again.

Clay Kurth has accomplished the mission he was sent to Costa Rica to complete: finding the girlfriend of someone in Washington with power. An assignment, however, isn’t what’s kept him in country. Despite not knowing what he wants from his former adolescent crush, he’s vowed not to leave San Jose without Tess.

**The web of secrets, lies, and sex weaves tighter in *Saving Tess, *another installment of M.S. Parker’s latest smoking hot series, New Pleasure.**

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