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For Days and A Night For Days and A Night

by Seun Odukoya

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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For Days and A Night is a collection of short stories and skits written by award-winning author Seun Odukoya. The book contains sixteen stories, four skits (yes; SKITS), and a couple of other things not usually found in a book. It was released online on December 17, 2012 and has since been receiving several accolades and enjoying strong positive views and criticisms. It is a memorable read.While travelling to a distant galaxy, on an assassination mission, Rave's ship is struck by an unknown projectile, causing him crash-land into an alien planet he was passing over. With his ship destroyed, his weapons gone, he finds himself trapped on the savage planet filled with dangerous chimeras. A powerful darkness lurks on the planet, far much dangerous than he is, and the residents of the planet are hiding deadly secrets. And as he ventures further into the forests, the threat grows restless, the eyes of shadow turning towards him, and his own insatiable blood lust taking over. Will he conquer the dark forces that reign over the planet, or will he fall victim to them?

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