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Make a Wish Make a Wish

by Stephen Aleppo

Genre: Other2

Published: 2012

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An appalling run of bad luck culminates in Cathy Matthews being knocked off her bike by a hit and run driver. Tracking down the culprit is surprisingly easy, but preventing herself falling in love with him when she does, proves a lot tougher.Cathy Matthews has suffered a run of bad luck culminating in a three hundred foot tumble down a French Mountain while on Holiday. The area is a local beauty spot and a magical place where she spent lots of time as a little girl. Always a keen cyclist, she is also finally able to climb into the saddle of her new mountain bike. A much cherished eighteenth birthday present from her father, it has sat unused in the hall since his untimely death six months earlier. On her way to town to cover the final planning debate, bad luck strikes again and she is knocked into a ditch by a hit and run driver. Despite her fury, she’s philosophical about the incident and writes it off as yet another unfortunate disaster in a long train of such events since her earliest days. However, once at the Town Hall, it doesn’t take her long to discover who the mystery driver is and after a furious row with the culprit, she finds herself in direct conflict with the new young boss of Marsden Redevelopment Ltd. Danny Marsden’s worst development is his own personality and his appalling attitude to everything around him brings out the worst in the green thinking teenager until she finds herself locked in a bitter struggle with the man. Primarily to thwart his plans to build the new shopping precinct, but more importantly, to bring him down and make him suffer for his incredible arrogance. However, there is just one flaw with her careful planning. She’s falling in love with him.

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