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Sparks Shower Sparks Shower

by Lundy Burge

Genre: Other2

Published: 2012

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A woman with a fear of fireworks is dragged to her town's 4th of July celebration by her friend, with terrifying results.At only 14 years old, John Malcolm finds school tough taking every hit on the chin (literally). John finally retaliates and the bully ends up violently injured. This attack causes John to go on the run making life even more difficult. On the run - John barely makes it out of his home town when a friendly stranger takes him in. With no escape John endures things that are far beyond imagination and holding onto hope keeps him going, or does it? “A bone chilling short story.”About the AuthorGareth Parker - educated at a military boarding school, always telling stories and with a proved vivid imagination finally decided to put pen to paper to create thrilling short stories for eBook readers. Parker - now enjoying the Welsh life in Cardiff works for a blue-chip company, even though he's always on the go spends his spare time enduring creativity for others to enjoy.

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