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Pluton's Pyre Pluton's Pyre

by Gyandeep Kaushal

Genre: Other2

Published: 2017

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Suraj is a boy in love. He has lost his mother, has a father who is on-and-off concerned with his future, and an adoring grandfather. Circumstances force him to change schools and he fails to find the bonhomie he enjoyed in his last one.His affections are spurned by a girl in the new school—as boys will in the course of their young lives—but he takes the rejection to heart.A little older, Suraj falls in love again, and this time has reason to believe that his passion is returned.Then he his heartlessly turned away again. His humiliation, he believes, is complete.Urged by his never-say-die grandfather, he agrees to an arranged marriage. His bride is a sweet-natured thing, and caring of him and their daughter, and for a while, their lives are smooth and predictable.So predictable that when Suraj discovers what he thought was his blameless wife in a clandestine meeting with her lover, his world collapses in wild anger around him.Robbed of self-belief...

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