The Pillars of Salem

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The Pillars of Salem The Pillars of Salem

by Harold Carper

Genre: Other2

Published: 2014

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~ 4325 words. Yedi and old Elkhanan have arrived on the agrarian world of Tikvah, whose violent and sorrowful past is revealed as they and other immigrants travel to the town of Salem. Please leave a review if you enjoy the story!A crash, a nightmare, a blinding light--in an instant, life changed for the dreamers who traveled to this virgin world. Death and devastation followed, making life more like a twisted delusion instead of the bright future the pioneers had dreamt of. However, when three of the town's young women are abducted, the people rally behind Dirk Bayo, a self-exiled hunter with the broken heart. Dirk must utilize his tracking and hunting skills to bring the women home. He must face his own fears and overcome his faults before the insane kidnappers spirit the girls too far from reach--or vanquish them forever.Acrimony Arising is Act I, Trilogy I of the Edenix Cycle. Act II and III forthcoming.

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