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The Weekender The Weekender

by Fay Keenan

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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'Written with warmth and humour. I completely fell in love with Willowbury and its beautiful setting' Jessica Redland'A gorgeous rural romance full of warmth and charm.' Victoria ConnellyWhen Charlie Thorpe met Holly Renton, they were not a match made in heaven...Holly lives and works in the beautiful town of Willowbury in Somerset. An incorrigible optimist, she is determined to change the world for the better.Charlie Thorpe on the other hand, is the ultimate pragmatist. With responsibility for so many people, he has to be.But when their paths cross again, it's clear they've got more in common than they think. Can Holly and Charlie overcome their differences and work together, or are they destined to be forever on opposite sides? And why does Holly have a funny feeling she has met Charlie before...Let Fay Keenan whisk you away to a world of glorious country views, unforgettable characters and once-in-a-lifetime love....

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