The River in Winter

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The River in Winter The River in Winter

by Matt Dean

Genre: Other2

Published: 2010

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Jonah Murray has known much happiness, but after the end of his first love affair, the rawness of his emotions leads him into a dangerous entanglement. Spike Peterson rekindles Jonah’s longing for companionship, but Spike isn’t the kind to offer companionship. Eliot Moon offers Jonah a more transcendent path to happiness, but to take Eliot's way, Jonah will have to make difficult sacrifices.Review: Kalpanik Shyamlan"Author, Inside the Giant Machine"I would have never thought one could fit in billionaire Russian tycoons, beautiful sunny Caribbean islands, sexy wives, and ... wait for it ... werewolves in a book and still make it so fun to read. But E. R. Bain did a great job achieving this seemingly impossible concoction in an entertaining story.I was a werewolf "virgin" before I read this book. I would have never read it except for the sexy image of two sexy looking humans on it its cover.Ever heard the saying "Don't Judge a book by its cover"? Well, that saying does not apply in this case. the book is as hot and sizzling as the cover suggests. Yes, the ominous purple beast in the background does add to the allure and the sizzle of the book.Obviously, if you are looking for what some critics call "believable" characters or story line, this book is not for you. But the real world is mundane and boring - if you're like me and want to take an exciting vacation, an escape into the world of imagination - this is a great book!Not for children because of mature content and erotic scenes. *************************************************Description, Do Or Die: Nothing to lose, everything to gain…Multi-Billionaire Russian tycoon Viktor Mackmillian and his family are enjoying a peaceful vacation on the small, sunny Caribbean island of Trinidad. But when his wife Audrianna is kidnapped he becomes a man on a deadly mission. He has turned to the vicious werewolf pack he has long cut off all ties with for help…but for a price that Viktor is loathe to accept.For a love that holds no bounds, and bares all wounds…Viktor will forsake his life by the light of the full moon.A new, suspenseful fantasy romance series…Mature Content, Mature Language, Erotic Scenes 18+

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