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Glimpse: The Complete Trilogy Glimpse: The Complete Trilogy

by Sara Jamieson

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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Connor was very sure that there were no instructions available for what you should do when you figured out that your ex wanted to control the world (he had looked). There was only one option; he would have to stop her himself. That had been the plan, but it was turning out that he wasn't as alone as he had thought."Traditional publishing ruined my life!"Many writers tell tales of the horrors of writing for a traditional book publisher. None are quite like Under Contract.Under Contract reveals the long-buried tale of Craig Hansen’s secret past as a contract writer working for a traditional print publisher, and everything that led to his long, twenty-year silence before emerging last year as an independent author.It’s a tale that never needed to be told, probably shouldn’t have been told, yet against all legal advice, common sense, and wisdom, has now been told.So, did Craig Hansen survive a secret past as a contract writer for a traditional publisher, or is he full of cherry smoothie? Decide for yourself.Featuring heavy doses of horror and satire with a metafiction boost, Under Contract is a standalone short story and is intended for older readers.Craig Hansen is the author of the young adult novel, Most Likely, and the young adult novella, Shada. He lives in Oregon where he is currently working on his next books, a horror novel for older readers, EyeCU; and the young adult novel, Ember, the follow-up to Shada.

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