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The Dream Weavers The Dream Weavers

by Barbara Erskine

Genre: Literature

Published: 2021

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The new gripping historical novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Lady of Hay. A nest of vipers, they called us. But that is not how it was. Mercia, 775 AD. In the grand Saxon halls of Mercia, King Offa rules with ruthless ambition. Aggressive and relentlessly acquisitive, his three daughters are destined to marry advantageously in service of their country. Eadburh, the youngest, is neither the cleverest nor the most beautiful of the three. But, with her father's ruthless spirit and the secret gifts passed down from her mother, she is determined to carve her own path in the world. 2021. Simon Armstrong has escaped to a secluded cottage in the English countryside, desperate to finish his book about Anglo-Saxon King Offa. But he soon finds himself disturbed by unsettling noises and visions. Calling in local expert Bea to identify the issue, Simon hopes to get back some peace – but soon Bea is as embroiled as he is, feeling increasingly connected to a ghostly presence...

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