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The Feminazis The Feminazis

by Emilio Amaro

Genre: Other2

Published: 2017

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A cocky alpha male soon has his world upside down when he is captured and held hostage by a sadistic group of feminists known as The Feminazis.TWICE THE CHILL - Two SHORT Horror Stories by Rachel A OlsonFAMILY DINNERSometimes it's hard to believe there really are creatures that go bump in the night. Bey had spent his entire life running through the woods and never once saw anything to convince him there were creatures worth fearing. When his littler sister, Chensei, whines about the trip home at night, Bey only mocks her. Until she disappears beyond the treeline.I, PONTIANAKEveryone hates and fears monsters, except for when you’re the monster. I never asked for it, and honestly I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed it. But I am what I am, and I can’t change it. Hell, I can’t even control it. My name used to be Anastasia, and I am a Pontianak.

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