The Count of 9

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The Count of 9 The Count of 9

by Earl Stanley Gardner

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Published: 2018

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From the world-famous creator of "Perry Mason," Erle Stanley Gardner comes another baffling case for the Cool & Lam detective agencyErle Stanley Gardner was not just the creator of PERRY MASON – at the time of his death, he was the best-selling American author of all time, with hundreds of millions of books in print, including the 29 cases of the brash, irresistible detective team of Bertha Cool and Donald Lam. Gardner was also one of the most ingenious plot-spinners in the field, coming up with stunning twists and reveals... and THE COUNT OF 9 is Gardner at his twistiest.Hired to protect the treasures of a globe-trotting adventurer, Bertha and Donald confront an impossible crime: how could anything be smuggled out of a dinner party – least of all a 6-foot-long blowgun – when the guests were X-rayed coming and going? But that's nothing compared to the crime they face next:AN IMPOSSIBLE MURDER

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