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The Bluebell Informant The Bluebell Informant

by Nick R B Tingley

Genre: Christian

Published: 2017

View: 1993

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How do you catch a killer who is already dead? When DS Evelyn Giles is called to a murder scene, it seems like an open-and-shut case. But when the prime suspect reveals a horrifying secret, Giles' past comes back to haunt her. Her greatest nemesis - the Bluebell Killer - is still out there. And very much alive...How do you catch a killer who is already dead?One year ago, the Bluebell Killer killed his last victim. He was shot and killed, leaving behind a legacy of twenty corpses and a name that people will fear for years to come…A year later, a man is shot in the back of the head and left in a field of bluebells. Is it a mugging gone wrong? A copycat killer? Or is the Bluebell Killer still out there, waiting to pounce on his next victim?For DS Evelyn Giles the solution is simple – it’s just another dirty politician caught committing an unforgiveable crime. But with the evidence stacking up against him, Giles’ suspect has one more surprise in store for her…And his words will throw everything she knows into question…‘It’s not over yet.’The past is coming back to haunt DS Giles. She’s already sacrificed much for the lie. The only question is how much more will she suffer for the truth?An ingeniously, gripping thriller, The Bluebell Informant is a dark, unexpected and emotionally charged debut.

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