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Parallel Lives Parallel Lives

by Phyllis Rose

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Published: 2020

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'I believe that marriage, whether we see it as a psychological relationship or a political one, has determined the story of all our lives more than we have generally acknowledged.'In every relationship there are two narratives; more often than not these narratives do not converge. This is the basis for academic and writer Phyllis Rose's cult classic Parallel Lives, a book that examines five literary Victorian partnerships, from Charles Dickens' disastrous marriage to Catherine Hogarth to George Eliot's joyful and unwed union with George Henry Lewes.In an age where divorce was scandalous and 'until death do us part' was taken literally, the subjects of Rose's book were forced to find inventive and surprising ways to co-exist. As she tracks the shifting tides of power within these parallel lives in fascinating detail, Rose shows how desire, fantasy and control play out in our most intimate relationships.Parallel Lives is an engrossing...

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