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Even Crazier Even Crazier

by Eve Langlais

Genre: Other2

Published: 2010

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***Ella and Zane are back with friends on a mission to save the world. Being the vampire queen can be lonely, but consorting with a djinn? Unheard of. Yet, Felicia can't help but wonder what would happen if she ignored the rules. Rules she helped make. She craves something more in her life. Wonders if she can't have love. After all, Ella and Zane found happiness against all odds. It helps they actually like each other; whereas, Felicia just wants to throttle the man with the teasing smile. Then kiss him. However, now isn't the time for distractions. The world is in grave danger. A dangerous spell is unraveling and about to unleash a deadly menace onto the world. As Queen of the Fanged, she needs to be prepared. Someone call her seamstress because this requires a whole new wardrobe—one that includes lingerie for seduction. Crazy to be thinking of fashion at a time like this? Even crazier is the fact she...

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