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The Chariot with Love The Chariot with Love

by Joseph Russell, Jr

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Published: 2013

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My consumerism is a kiddy. Unlike my dream it is fastidious. I believe I am leaning building testimonies covertly disparaging. But I have it no other way Jesus Christ is my Lord. I thank you for the good and the bad the sun and the rain. Descartes & I share personal relationship & a ever widening wisdom; I think & therefore I am.I have a chance to tell you how I really am yours. There is hope for me to tell you I have always cared for you too. I am in love with the thought though it simply is indicative of our lasting prayerful family. I am like a paper with your pen at hand. Although it appears I am not listening, I am always laughing near. I wish for you to seek me as though I were presenting a home for us two. How I feel; sometimes is clear. But trust in the keeper and we'll pull through. I like to know more of your interest. Anyone that has a life as toiling as hers is worth the giving. I bust in my head not knowing were to lead. The way I see it; we all must live. If you see my strength, please keep me improving. I love you as the rites of beautiful sincerity. I hope you can draw strength from me too. It’s a special place we live in; and should only be strongly approved; which matters to God and you. Have a happy date and remember to always challenge yourself too. Faithfully in service, Joseph

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