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Voodoo Summer (LeGarde Mysteries Book 11) Voodoo Summer (LeGarde Mysteries Book 11)

by Aaron Paul Lazar

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2016

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Read Voodoo Summer (LeGarde Mysteries Book 11) Storyline:

Every family has its secrets…


Summer, 1966: For thirteen-year-old Gus LeGarde,
summertime always means Loon Harbor, his grandparents’ idyllic fishing resort
on Great Pond. The season is a grand tradition of swimming, boating, and new
adventures with his best friends, twins Siegfried and Elsbeth. But this summer,
everything changes when a new lodge down the shore threatens the resort—and
triggers a chain of events that will transform Gus and his friends forever.


are leaving Loon Harbor in droves for The Seven Whistles, owned by the wealthy
LaFontaines. The Baton Rouge family arrives with better amenities and a much
larger staff—among them Wilhelmina “Willy” DuPont, a young black girl whose
family works for the LaFontaines. Gus and the twins immediately bring Willy
into their circle…but their friendship is soon challenged when events at The
Seven Whistles take a terrifying turn.


mysterious figure haunts the windows of women and young ladies at both camps,
escalating from peeper to dangerous stalker. Then the LaFontaines’ spoiled and
demanding daughter goes missing—and Willy’s innocent older brother is arrested.


soon discovers that dark secrets lurk beneath the surface of the LaFontaine
family, and the stakes are higher than ever imagined as they race to exonerate
Willy’s brother and find the real perpetrator—before he finds them.

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