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One More Time, New Roads One More Time, New Roads

by David Howells

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2013

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The fourth and final installment of the One Time romance serial. Sam and Elsie have moved into their new home, have begun their new part time jobs, and are ready to lay back and plan their wedding. Life has a few more surprises in store before the big day, though. Though on in years, the aging couple stand strong together against what life throws in their paths.This short story series concludes with 'New Roads'. The series follows two retirees, widowers, and former next door neighbors, as they close the doors on their previous long term marriages and seek in each other a loving partner to share the remainder of their life with. Their dramas are not unlike what many face, but it is their joy of life and appreciation of each other that lights their way through the dark times as well as the stormy times.

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