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by Quelli di ZEd

decide if you want to be a free man or an anonymous point in the mass."

  I am me to keep silent now. Evandro has just said a great truth, revealing my principal adolescent discomfort, setting me a question to which I desire with everything myself to give an answer that unfortunately I don't know.

  "I believe not to be a confirmed person, but I also fear not to possess the numbers to succeed. I am looking for my road, every accursed day I look for her/it, but I have the impression to be always more distant to be discovered qual it is. This is a thing that he/she afflicts me."

  "Beh, among not a lot I imagine that will receive the postcard, then you will have everything one year of naja to think of us on."

  "Thank you for having remembers me him.

  "But excuse, because you have not chosen to make the objector as have I done me?"

  "To that purpose?"

  "I capsize you the question, you to that purpose you make the soldier?"

  "My father thinks that I/you/he/she am formative."

  "You, forms yourself to become one that must also tell always him to wrong and deprived orders of sense: tomorrow you will tell him/it to a sergeant, the day after tomorrow to a manager or to a capoofficina. This is his/her Royal function, not that to detach you for some from the family and to make you learn to mend alone a sock."

  "Account to succeed in remaining what I/you/they am, in beard to the discipline that you/they will want to impose me."

  "We hope, I wish you him really. Unfortunately so many return changed, more deeply, and their only thought becomes that to send to the right questions of interview and to it misses, to start as soon as possible to cagare you spike in exchange for a salary of merda, to be able then him to buy the car, fiondarsi all the weeks end in the disco, to know an any tipas, to marry her/it, to put to the world some little one and to perfectly conduct a simulacro of existence in line with the laws of the managing class: he/she works, you produce, it consumes, crepa.come I have told you a little while ago.

  "That encouraging words, in certain moments you put on me a joy.

  "If you want, for some joy there is this. it tells me handing me the spinello.

  "Nothing from fare.non I intend to deprive you some inspiration for your sentences."

  "Oh, I don't need of this to free my thought. He/she remembers: what the mind you/he/she can conceive, the body will reach.

  "Not to start with the cosmic stronzates, Age, prefers of big long to feel to speak to you from communist that from orange."

  Evandro begins then to sing-song "hare krishna hare hare", swinging the head from a side to the other.

  "You find him/it amusing, true?I ask " him with a thread of irritation.

  But him so much is now laughing to risk to fall down from the bench, I decide therefore to leave that its moment of hilarity exhausts him; it take more than a few minutes, every time that is about to calm down turns verse of me, it looks me in face and it starts over laughing first.

  "Oh enough, I don't make her/it anymore!it " says when you/he/she has calmed down entirely finally. "Where we had remained?"

  "It is beautiful to talk to someone who firmly holds the thread of the conversation.

  Evandro assembles him on the mouthful of smoke that has just inhaled, it slowly inhales then and after some instant I feel him/it that it starts to hum.

  "Talkin' 'bout my generation"

  I recognize the refrain of the famous song of the The Who, me facing to look at him/it and I see him/it with the eyes closed, serene and sure of all of this that does, that he/she thinks and that it says, and more I admit once with myself that I would desire so much to possess only halves his/her certainties.

  Of a line its voice dissuades me from my thoughts:

  "Hi Ale!"

  Age is greeting Alexander, another boy that also lives him in the zone and that a couple of months ago his/her father has lost; one morning his/her mother, to the awakening, if you/he/she is found again him/it dead to his/her side in the bed, pierced in the sleep without pain. Pain that falls to the sudden one instead on the shoulders of the widow and the boy what time you/he/she is walking on the other side of the road, and that he/she distractedly answers with a sign to the regard of Evandro keeping then on walking for his/her road.

  I think about his arrived difficulties, increased by his/her note condition of addict, but then in an instant my thought goes to the dead one, and I finds me to consider how much in a certain sense that man has been fortunate to go to the sleep, even though prematurely.

  "Age, but according to you thing there is after the death?"

  "Other vita.sicuramente the decomposition acts from fertilizer for the earth, or some animal can be fed, .per depends the rest I/you/they are firmly convinced, skipping the religious implications that don't interest me, that the undoing of a body cannot put the elegant word to the existence of a person. I refuse me to believe that of great characters as Newton, Pasteur, Einstein, Hendrix has been alone, their spirit, their genius must be still from some part, and not necessarily on a cloudlet or in a qualsivoglia heaven."

  "Creeds to the reincarnation, therefore?"

  "I have not said this, but because you/he/she should not be possible? Does it seem me a valid theory that of the existence of heaven, purgatory and hell as, don't you find?"

  "However before you have quoted people that have left the sign in the history of the humanity.

  "Oh, the theory is also valid for those that belong to the mass: there are so many elementary forms of life around us.

  We burst to laugh both, the prickly sarcasm of Evandro induces me to laugh up to the tears, as you/he/she is already happened more times from when we know each other.

  "That stupid that are!I tell " him keeping on laughing to more I am not able. I know that Evandro is well happy when he/she succeeds in tearing a laughter from the next one, and this induces him/it to insist on the same theme; among a sip of beer and a pull to the spinello, it elaborates me session a theory on the life after the death that involves vegetable, stones, tamarri and employees with worn-out dressed by the unlikely shades, the everything edged by wise quotations and so much irony. I realize as is beautiful possession a friend as him, always present for a suggestion or also only to spend some time in constructive way, and while I am listening to him/it I warmly wish me that our friendship can last forever. We still spend some time to speak of us, of our world and of our future, until when from a look to the clock I become me account that he is doing late.

  "OK Evo, the mosquitos almost have me spolpato, and of cazzate from I have felt to sufficiency of it for today. I go to sleep."

  "Cazzate? He/she thinks that you wanted to go to the Points Verdi tonight, and the old Evandro has illuminated your walk instead.

  "You, with your reeds have illuminated him/it!"

  "You go, you go to sleep, inexperienced person, and remembered the hook afternoon tomorrow."

  "Then footstep from you after lunch; hi Age!"

  "Hi Paul, peace and love.

  Immediately after having felt him/it citharas Jimi Hendrix, I go homeward me without hurry. I feel Evandro that whistles Purple Haze, when I come in front of the front door of house me facing to look in the direction of the bench on which we have spent the evening, in the dark I distinguish the fire of his/her spinello revive, and then to complete a parabolic trajectory toward the ground of the garden.

  "Excuse me while The kisses the sky."

  The author

  Luigi Ametta was born to Cancels in 1964 and from 1969 alive to Turin. Graduated in 1984 near the institute technical Charles Grassi, currently you/he/she is employed as Manufacturing Engineering Specialist in a firm of industrial vehicles. Musician not professional between 1983 and 1997, in 1995 you/he/she has realized the album As The Years Go By with his/her band Circle of Fairies. Between 1990 and 1999 has collaborated as free lances with the musical fanzines Paperlate, Freak Out, Progress and Book of Saturday, therefore from 1999
to 2008 has published on the web the webzine of alternative music No Warning! in the circle of which is also dealt occasionally with cinema and literature. You/he/she has desultorily collaborated besides to the index book of publishing novelty of the monthly place her Compass. In 2011 his/her first novel What you Choose Of be be published by 0111 Editions.


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