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The Invisible Knight Collection Page 2

by Ray Daley

  Poem #7 isn't actually the seventh in the series/ saga/ whatever. There is an unfinished poem that I rediscovered whilst making this compilation. It's either called The Islands Of Illusion or To See A Twilight Secret. Heck it might even end up being two poems.

  In "The Visitation" I wanted to work on an idea that was basically the origins of The Invisible Knight. By this point I was definitely writing the story, a lot of the ideas in this were either lifted from that or originated here and were notated into the story.

  I was tired of him just being this thing that seemed to come from nowhere, him having an origin was suddenly important.

  Every long poem is a little story in itself, this one even more so.


  The Visitation. By R.P.Daley (C) 30/11/92.

  Silence reaches out it's arms, Takes him to it's heart,

  It lets him listen to the beat, And told him where to start.

  It took him running in the night, And showed him all of life,

  And then unlocked him from his chains, To free him of his strife.

  The darkness came into his mind, To show another way,

  A path he said he'd never tread, Unless it was by day.

  It shows the things he never saw, The things that he had missed,

  The deepest corners of his soul that the light had never kissed.

  Then Time came calling after them, To show what happens next,

  The future written out so clear, Just like a Shakespeare text.

  Next the Past came to him, To show him what he'd been,

  To ask so many things of him, What did his life all mean?

  To let him see his life again, To show him his mistakes,

  He could have had a better life, He could have had the breaks.

  Fear was next to come in line, To show him what he'd lost,

  To prove that he had given up, To reckon up the cost.

  To show what he was lacking, To emphasize the space,

  That he had missed out on so much, To show a loss of face.

  Next loneliness came walking in, To break his empty heart,

  To show he'd never known true love, Of life he'd had no part.

  It showed him what he thought he'd had, The girl he thought he'd known,

  The one Love said that he could have had, But was never made his own.

  Death came in to see him last, To give him his last rites,

  To speak his fallen angels prayer, To show him his last sights.

  To grant him only one request, To make a final choice,

  Like a final plea for mercy, To be spoken by his voice.

  To choose to be a dark one, Be taken from the light,

  To take up sword and mantle, Become The Invisible Knight.

  The End.


  Ah, "Legion". Another one thats not strictly an actual Invisible Knight poem per se but is in the same style.

  Again this is me as the creator making the judgement call that this belongs to the series.

  I've probably stolen a ton of ideas from classical poets when I knocked this up but because I have no idea where I "borrowed" them from I'm calling it my own.


  Legion. (C) 17/7/93. By R.P.Daley.

  I am all but I am none,

  I am everywhere but I am no-where.

  I am black and I am white,

  I am day and I am night.

  I am everything and I am nothing,

  I am near and I am far.

  I am Alpha and I am Omega,

  I am here and also there.

  I am positive and I am negative,

  I am Life and I am Death.

  I am Legion; Call me Many,

  My numbers are infinite,

  But I do not exist.

  The End.


  Poem # 9 is another origins poem, I was so happy with how the last one worked I wanted to extend its parameters a bit.

  It fleshes the character out a lot more.


  The Riddle Of Remembrance. (C) 16/12/93. By R.P.Daley.

  If you cross the rainbow river, To a glade of darkened light,

  You may meet a darkened creature, Who's unseen by mortal light.

  There are few that truly know his name, And less have seen his face,

  And he leaves no sign of footprints, Of his form there is no trace.

  He is swifter than a passing thought, He can move without a sound,

  Yet untouched by any element, There is no-where he is found.

  He is shapeless like a vapour, Like an empty cloud of mist,

  Bringing chaos and confusion, Well, How can this beast exist?

  He keeps himself from mortal eyes, Within his den of gloom,

  And he runs beneath the clouded skies, To guard his empty tomb.

  His home; An unsolved riddle, Which never will be guessed,

  And to grant him his own freedom, Is his last single request.

  There is room within his empty soul, For his true self to reside,

  And a larger space inside his mind, Where his black intentions hide.

  He has no heart left inside him, But a gaping void instead,

  And the sights that pass inside his mind, Are not seen inside his head.

  With no heart there to be broken, His can not be repaired,

  And his own words still unspoken, Mean his life will not be shared.

  With his absence of emotion, In his non-existent heart,

  Only loneliness can linger, Which will tear his world apart.

  He can not escape the darkness, It has taken his whole life,

  Must he stay within this blackened lair, Grant him freedom from this strife.

  He will gaze upon his kingdom, From the greyness to the bright,

  And remain; The lonely Phantom, The last Invisible Knight.

  The End.


  Poem #10, Its an anti-Knight poem written from the other side, this time the female is the lead instead of the male.


  Aqua Liberator. By R.P.Daley. (C) 4/3/94.

  As you danced across the water, Like the slivers of the light,

  I stood silently still waiting, For the coming of the night.

  Your eyes which shone like diamonds, Your hair as red as fire,

  Your skin as pale as moonlight, Were the source of my desire.

  I stood and watched you dancing, Across the silent lake,

  And saw the water motionless, No sounds did your feet make.

  I heard your sweet voice singing, Just like a sirens song,

  To weave your wild enchantment, The magic felt so strong.

  I heard the sound inside my mind, It pulsed beneath my skin,

  Sensations surged throughout my self, A power felt deep within.

  I spoke the phrase of freedom, Which would allow release,

  And watched you walk towards the shore, And to your final peace.

  I slowly walked to meet you, To help you onto land,

  And felt my heart beat faster, As you gently held my hand.

  I moved to bring you closer, And held you in my arms,

  So glad that I had freed you, From the evil waters charm.

  I heard you call me darling, I gently kissed your face,

  I knew the pieces of my life, Had fallen into place.

  We left the lake together, Its surface washed with light,

  Both walking slowly hand in hand, Away into the night.

  So now the spell is broken, And we are now a pair;

  Two hearts forever linked by love, With our full lives to share.

  We shall build our world together, Our whole lives it may take,

  But I will give her all my love, My lady of the lake.

  The End.

r />   Poem #11 I learnt the word Zagadka when I read the book 2010, The Year We Make Contact. It's Russian, it means Enigma. Its what the Soviets call the monolith orbiting Jupiter. So now you know.


  Zagadka (C) R.P.Daley 1/11/03

  Bring forth Leviathan

  The strong and The Mighty,

  Prostrate now before him

  Controller of Fate.

  Hurry now to Leviathan

  And herald his coming,

  But send forth a warning

  For he will not wait.

  Look now on Leviathan

  The one and the many,

  Know this one truth

  He will destroy what he can not create.

  Bow down to Leviathan

  So swift and so silent,

  Surrender to him

  It's already too late.

  The End.


  Despite finding the unfinished poem I have decided not to include it in this release of the collection. It's possible at some point in the future I will be able to sit down and finally complete that lost poem and then do a revision of this and include it then.

  We'll see.


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