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The Invisible Knight Collection The Invisible Knight Collection

by Ray Daley

Genre: Horror

Published: 2012

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A collection of poems written over the course of many years about character from the days of nobility and chivalry and notes on how each poem started life.Hell Hill Island is what I would call a place of beauty and a place of death. Any visitor or resident that stepped out of line were sure to find themselves, swinging from the Gallows on Hell Hill Island. Hell Hill Island was founded in 1863 by Marshall Sam Tucker that didn't believe in a fair trial because of his short fuse. If you back talked the Marshall he would shoot you in both legs, then drag your wounded body with a rope he held as he rode his horse up to the Gallows to be hung high and when the Marshall was through watching the dead body swing back and forth on the Gallows he would set their body on fire and light his cigar from the flames off their body. Marshall Sam Tucker would leave the charred body hanging from the Gallows and ride his horse back to town to bring the residents to see the aftermath and let them know this is how they would end up if they stepped out of line.

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