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Consume Me (Devoured Club Series) Page 11

by Matthews, Paige

  “No. I was thinking about inviting another girl I know. You cool with that?”

  “Sure, whatever you want. I’m just happy I’m not the one opening Saturday.” Ally laughed, and headed back to the front of the store, while I turned my attention back to the fondant. I heard Ally talking to some customers about a small order, and turned to see what was going on and if she needed any help, which she didn’t.

  Ally had moved to Boston about a year after our parents died. Again, to help me with the bakery, and to be closer to each other. The bakery was our baby. Our memorial to our mother. The thought brought tears to my eyes, as I thought back to the day I received the news that they had been in a car accident. It was the summer after I graduated from Johnson and Wales. I was working as a pastry chef for a hotel in Boston, and had just moved to the city. Ally had just graduated from high school, and was supposed to head to college in the fall, which she still did, at my urging. My parents were coming back from a fundraiser for a charity that my mother was passionate about, and were struck head on by a delivery truck that had lost its brakes or something like that. It was an accident, but it took the two people that mattered the most to me in my life. Malorie’s was a tribute to my mother’s memory, and to all the memories that Ally and I had of baking with her. Shaking my head to release the memory, I tried to focus on the task in front of me, with no luck.

  “Hey, Em?” I heard Ally’s voice call from the front of the store.


  “There’s someone here to see you.”

  “Be right there.” How had I missed hearing the door open? Apparently I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts. I wiped my hands, checked the time, and headed to the front. It was seven o’clock, and we were closing shortly. Wednesdays were slower, so I shut the bakery down early.

  I took the corner to see Marcus standing at the counter, chatting casually with Ally.

  “Hey,” I said as I walked over to the two of them. They stopped talking and both turned to look at me.

  “Hey,” Marcus replied. He was dressed in a pair of low rise blue jeans, and a black t-shirt that showed every muscle in his upper body. He had on a leather coat, and his hair was a bit messy. I noticed he had a motorcycle helmet in his hand.

  “A bit chilly for a bike, isn’t it?” I asked, eyeing the helmet.

  “Your sister and I were just talking about that,” he snickered, and looked at Ally and then back at me. “There isn’t snow on the ground yet. I needed to clear my head. No other way to do that.”

  I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, Ally look at Marcus, and then back at me. “Um, Em. I’m going to go if you don’t mind. I’ll leave you two to whatever…” Her voice trailed off as I heard her head to the office, and, moments later, out the back door.

  I looked at Marcus and pursed my lips. “What did you need to clear your head about?”

  “Nothing for you to worry about.” We stood staring at each other for what felt like minutes, even though, in reality, it was only a few seconds.

  “What are you doing here, Marcus?” I asked as I made my way around him to go and lock the door.

  “I wanted to see you, Emma. Nothing wrong with that, either.” His hand caught my abdomen as I tried to maneuver my way back around him, pulling my back tight to his chest. “You smell good.”

  I tried to pull away, but his arms held me tight. “I smell like frosting, pastry and cake batter. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.” I shrugged my shoulders as he let me go. I headed to the work table to put away the fondant pieces.

  Marcus had stopped in the door way, and was now leaning against it. The man was hot, and even though I tried hard to not let my libido be affected by him, I failed. Miserably. His dark hair currently hung down over his forehead into his eye, as he watched me place the fondant pieces onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. “Want help?” he offered standing straight and walking toward the counter.

  “It would go faster. Soooo…” I let the word linger in the air. “Again, why are you here?”

  “Well,” he started as he washed his hands and took another cookie sheet from my pile, then looked around for the parchment paper. “I wanted to see you. See if you maybe wanted to grab some food.” He looked up at me, and I handed him the roll of parchment and continued placing my pieces onto my sheet.

  “I already ate, but thanks anyway.” I finished filling up the sheet I was working on, and began toward the walk-in.

  “Why are you being so cold tonight?” I heard him ask as I entered the refrigerator. I paused before answering. Why was I being a bitch? It wasn’t like we weren’t talking.

  “I guess I just can’t read you, Marcus. One minute it’s ‘I want to be professional’ and the next minute, you’re texting me all the time, and showing up. It’s confusing, that’s all. And, to top it off, you haven’t told me much about you.” I returned to the metal workstation and pulled another cookie sheet. There were about three hundred fondant pieces that needed to be put away. As I grabbed the parchment paper, I turned, and walked into Marcus’s rock hard chest. I hadn’t even heard him move to me.

  “There’s nothing to be confused about, Emma. I enjoy your company, and I want to see you outside of the club.” His hands encircled my waist and pulled me tight to him. His fingers grazed my chin and tilted my head up to look at him. “As for me, ask away. Anything you want to know, I will tell you. But first…” His eyes bore into mine, and I felt the familiar buzz of electricity hum between us.

  “But what?” I muttered, still staring into his eyes. Marcus lowered his mouth to mine and hovered an inch above my lips. I could feel his breath on my face as he waited, for what I didn’t know. My tongue swiped my lips, wetting them in anticipation of him kissing me. Please kiss me, my mind screamed. Marcus’s hands came up to my face, encasing each side with each of his hands.

  “You are so beautiful. I’m going to kiss you and I might not be able to stop.”

  My heart raced. My breath quickened. My pussy clenched. “Please don’t stop.”

  Marcus’s lips crashed into mine, his hands pulling my face to his leaving, no room for anything. His tongue teased my lips open to explore the inner area of my mouth, stroking my tongue. I opened up willingly as he pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss, seizing my mouth as if it was virgin territory. He took control of the intensity and speed, encircling his tongue with mine, as we explored each other in a way we hadn’t yet. His hands moved down to my waist, making their way to the hem of my shirt. Marcus gently pushed me back toward the counter with his upper body. I tried to pull away but he had my back pinned to the edge of the counter and my lips to his.

  “Marcus, the fondant…” I mumbled against his mouth, hoping he’d get the hint. And he did. Swinging me around, he landed me against the counter behind us. His mouth began to explore mine again. My hands hit the edge of the counter to brace myself, while his hands returned to their original mission, my shirt. I felt his fingers dance across the hem and grab at the sides. With the shirt pulled upward and off over my head, I was now standing in my kitchen in my jeans and a bra. Marcus stood back and moved his eyes over my body. I rested my back against the counter and freed my hands to remove his jacket, landing it somewhere on the floor. Marcus’s lips were back on mine as I pulled his tee shirt from the hem of his pants, pulling it over his head, revealing his tattoo-covered chest and arms. I could feel the wetness increasing in my pussy, as he pulled me tight to his body, shoving his hand into my hair, driving his tongue back into my mouth. This man knew how to kiss, there was no denying that.

  His hands grazed down my arms and to my back. With a quick flick of his fingers, my bra had been unclasped and quickly removed, thrown to the floor with his jacket. Again, he stood back and his eyes were filled with lust. “You are so beautiful.”

  “You keep telling me.” I stepped closer to him, running my hands down his chiseled chest to the button on his jeans. His hands stopped me and pushed me back onto the counter. Placin
g my hands over my head with one of his arms, he trailed his lips down my neck and over my collar bone. His free hand grabbed one of my tits and kneaded it, as his tongue glided to my already erect nipple.

  “Move these hands and I will spank you!” His voice was rough, ragged. The hand that had held my arms now encircled my other breast. Marcus licked my nipples, one then the other, hardening them each time. Pulling my right bud into his mouth, he sucked it as his hands massaged the other one. Pulling it out, he grazed his teeth over the sensitive flesh, before repeating the motion on the other one, sending direct impulses to my clit. I squirmed in place, hoping my piercing would help relieve some of the pressure I was feeling. I could hear his breath as he kissed his way lower to my navel, his hands following quickly to the button of my pants. I kept my hands where he had instructed and leaned further back on the counter to support myself. My knees were already weak from the kissing and nipple teasing. My panties were soaking, as the anticipation built at the thought of his movements heading south.

  “Marcus…” I moaned as he placed feather light kisses across the width of my navel. Unbuttoning my pants, he slid them down, removing my shoes and the pants. “Jesus, Emma, what you do to me.” He lifted me onto the counter, spreading my legs with his hips. Pulling me close to the edge, and closer to him, I could feel his arousal straining through his pants. What I wouldn’t do to feel that inside me. I ground against him, hoping to help myself in the process. He moved his hips away and looked at me. “Be a good girl, and I will reward you.” Dominant, even outside of the club.

  I relented and relaxed against the coolness of the counter. The metal felt good against my body, which was on fire from his touch. Marcus grazed his fingers across the tattoo that lined my pubic bone, one that meant a lot to me. Placing light kisses on either side of the tattoo, Marcus tore my panties off. I gasped and looked up at him. He shrugged. “They were in the way.”

  Sliding his hands over my hips, down my legs to my knees, he quickly spread me open again. I could smell my arousal immediately, and tried to clench my thighs shut, with no luck. “Did I ever mention how much I love your piercing?” He asked as his hands moved up my inner thighs, closer to my core, the ache building within me.

  “A time or two.”

  “Emma, I am going to eat you out on your counter. Then I am going to flip you over and fuck you senseless until you cry out my name.”

  OH MY! His fingers came up to my sex, trailing over the outer lips, teasing them. I could feel my heart beat faster as I waited for him to make good on his promise. I felt a shiver of pleasure as he flicked the top of my piercing, causing it to rub against the sensitive bud. “Please, by all that is holy…I need you,” I groaned as his fingers flicked the piercing again. His tongue licked its way to the edge of my core, stopping just shy of my labia.

  His hands grasped each of my inner thighs, opening them wider for him. His tongue glided up my sex, parting my lips as it made its way to my clit. “You taste amazing, Emma.” Marcus continued his assault on my clit, licking and sucking it into his mouth. His fingers found their way to my opening, and plunged inside as he sucked my clit into his mouth once more. I felt my orgasm building within. A few more thrusts and sucks like that, and I would come undone.

  “Marcus…” I moaned, as his tongue now replaced his fingers and was licking the inside of my cunt. God this man is talented with his mouth. “Oh…my…god.”

  I could hear Marcus snicker as he moved his way back up to my clit, licking it with purpose, need and desire. I could feel the muscles in my body begin to tighten and I knew I wasn’t far away. My cunt clenched hard against his tongue. “Marcus, I am going to come…please…” My breaths were short and ragged. Plunging his fingers back inside of my wet cunt, he began sucking my clit again as he pumped into my pussy.

  “Come, Emma.” The command quick and curt. A couple more sucks, a couple more thrusts of his fingers, and my cunt tightened around him, sending my body into convulsions of pleasure. Before I could come down from my orgasm, Marcus had flipped me over on to my stomach. I heard his zipper and the tearing of the foil, before his hands grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly onto his cock.

  “Jesus, Emma. You’re so tight. You feel fucking amazing.” His hands gripped my hips, his fingers dug into my skin. His paced quickened, and he circled his hand back around to my clit, sending shocks of electricity straight to my core. I could feel myself getting wetter, if that was possible.

  He continued to thrust from behind. Sweat dripped down my forehead as my stomach pushed against the metal counter. Marcus slowed down, pausing for a moment. His hands caressed the roundness of my ass. Smack. The sting registered in my mind before the sound. What the fuck? Another smack came down across the other cheek.

  “I love smacking your ass. Watching it redden under my hand.” A gasp of air escaped my mouth. His words sounded so primal, so raw. I was in need of another release, and tried to squeeze my legs closer to one another, but Marcus’s thighs were keeping them apart, and there was no hope of changing that.

  “I need you to touch me, please…sir.” My hands were now in front of me, laid on the counter, attempting to grab any leverage.

  “It’s not about what you want, Emma. It’s about what I want to give you.” Marcus pulled out and flipped me around, lifting me onto the counter again. Thank God it was lower than the others. I stared into Marcus’s eyes as he slid himself back into me.

  “So tight.” He pulled me closer to him as he fully sheathed himself. My head fell back as the tip of his cock hit my cervix.

  “Look at me while I fuck you.”

  I lifted my head and looked into his eyes as he began to slide in and out of me again, varying the speed.

  “Please, sir. I need to come. I’m begging you.” My eyes never left his, as the intensity of his thrusts increased. I was hanging on to the last shred of control that I had, breathing deep, attempting to hold off my orgasm.

  “I’m getting close, Emma! Come for me again.”

  That was all I needed to send me over the edge once more, as I came screaming his name. A couple more thrusts and Marcus emptied his warm seed deep inside the condom. “Fuck, Emma!”

  We stayed like that for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths. Marcus pulled out and cleaned up, handing me a paper towel to do the same. We got dressed and looked at each other. I couldn’t believe we had just had sex on my counter. “Say something?” I said hesitant.

  “You’re amazing. Better than I imagined.” He pulled me close and kissed me again, this time sending shivers up and down my spine.

  “You weren’t so bad yourself,” I said and tapped his chest. “I guess professionalism is out the door?”

  He laughed. “It was out the door the night I tied you to the Shibari ring in my dungeon. Let’s get out of here.”

  “I have to finish putting the fondant pieces away, and quickly check the mail. I was sort of distracted.”

  “I’ll put the things away, you go sort the mail. Hurry up though; I’m thinking seconds are in order tonight.” A smirk graced his face and he smacked my ass.

  I jumped. “Always in control, eh? Oh by the way, thank you for the flowers. ”

  “What flowers? I didn’t send any.”

  “You didn’t?” I asked with a bit of worry in my voice.

  “No, why?” His voice now had an edge to it.

  “No reason. Roses were sent to the shop today, addressed to me, without any notion of who sent them. I just assumed they were from you.” I shrugged.

  “If I sent you flowers, you would have known. Why didn’t you call or text me earlier?” Shit he was mad.

  “I was busy, didn’t really think much about it.” I turned and headed to the office. Nikki had thrown the mail on my desk. I shuffled through it, sorting out the bills and garbage, until I came to an unmarked manila envelope. It was sealed shut, with no indication of where it had come from. I heard Marcus approach the door.

  “What is that?” He as

  “I don’t know. There’s nothing on it.”

  “Well, open it.” He waited impatiently at the door. I turned the envelope over and slid my letter opener through the top of it. I pulled out the contents that were inside, and gasped in horror.

  Marcus grabbed the papers from my hand, swearing as he punched a number into his cell. “We have a problem.”

  Chapter 19-Marcus

  I took the packet from Emma’s hands and immediately dialed Devlin’s number. “We have a problem,” I said abruptly as he answered. It was close to ten, and I knew that he wasn’t sleeping, but I obviously had bothered him.

  “What do you mean, we have a problem?” he asked curtly.

  “I need you to meet me at my condo in twenty. Emma’s received some photos. Can you grab Mac and Kieran as well?”

  “Okay. See you in twenty.”

  I hung up the phone and looked at Emma. All the color had drained from her face, and she was still sitting in the same place I had left her. She was stunned, obviously. Who wouldn’t be, when you received what she just had? I walked over to her and bent down on my knees next to her. “Emma, look at me.”

  She turned her head toward me, and I could see the fear in her eyes. I took her hands into mine and tried to calm the shaking that was taking over her body.

  “Emma, I will find out who sent this. I promise you that. Now, I need to know if anything else has happened. You need to tell me everything.” The urgency in my voice was bordering on panic. The thought of someone taking pictures of our most private moments, of her private moments, was infuriating me.

  “Um…there have been phone calls, then the flowers, and now the pictures.” Her voice was quiet. Her hands were still trembling, and I could feel the fear in her body. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. “It will be okay. We will find them. I promise. Let’s lock up and go to my place. We’re meeting Devlin in twenty minutes.”

  She looked up at me and then back at the floor. “I just want to go home.”


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