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Consume Me (Devoured Club Series) Page 12

by Matthews, Paige

  “No. You are coming back to my apartment so that I know you are safe. I told you that I would keep you safe and protected, now let me. We need to talk with Devlin about what’s been going on, and try and figure out who it could be. Let’s go.” I stood up and took hold of her hands to help her out of the chair. I grabbed her purse from off the desk, and she handed me her keys, and I led us out to the back door through the kitchen. I had my bike with me, so that was out. “We’ll take your car, and I’ll send one of the guys back to grab my bike.” She nodded, and slid into the passenger side of her Lexus. She didn’t even hesitate to let me drive; she knew she wasn’t in any mindset for that kind of concentration.

  My cell phone rang, and I looked quickly at the screen before answering, “Lucas.” I listened intently as he talked. “Yes. I agree. Okay, see you guys there.”

  Emma turned to look at me. “What’s going on now?”

  “Lucas and Chloe are meeting us as well.” I pulled into the parking garage of my condo and parked her car in my extra space. I quickly got out and walked to her side of the vehicle to help her out. She grabbed my hand and forced a smile.

  I placed my hands on her shoulders and rubbed them up and down her arms, crouching down so that I was eye level with her. “I told you that I will do anything to keep you safe. I mean that.” I placed a quick kiss on her forehead, and tucked her into my side, heading toward the elevator.

  “What about the others?” The question no more than a whisper from her lips. I pulled her closer again. “We all protect each other and those we care about. You are part of us now, even if you don’t want to be.” The look on her face pained me. I was unsure of what she wanted, what she felt. I had assumed that she wanted what I wanted; that she wanted to try and have a relationship. She had been responsive to what had happened earlier, but now I felt out of sorts. I didn’t know what she was thinking, and it killed me. “I just meant that…well, you’re part of the club, and we protect those that are a part of it and, well, whatever this is between us, I do care about you so…” I said, trailing off as she placed her finger to my lips.

  “You are fine. I am fine. It is just different having people who are there for you, especially when they don’t know you that well.” Her voice trailed off, and I wanted to respond, but the elevator stopped and the doors opened. I unlocked the door to my condo and ushered her in. Devlin and the team were already there, and had my dining room acting as ground zero. Emma looked around, attempting to process what was happening; at least that’s what I thought she was doing. We passed through the tiny hall into the open kitchen that led to the dining room and the living room opposite that. The main living area was termed open concept, and the rooms flowed into one another. I motioned her toward the living room, so that she could relax on the couch.

  The room was relatively big, and the main wall was entirely made of glass windows that over looked part of the harbor. It was that for that feature alone that I had bought the condo. I’d decorated it similarly to Lucas’s apartment. Hell, we’d hired the same decorator. The color scheme was off-whites and grays. I had a large, black leather sofa and love seat that framed the window. To the left of the couch, on the back wall of the living room, were built-in bookcases that shelved most of my books. Directly across from them, on the opposite wall, was the gas fireplace, which I promptly went to and turned on – not that we needed the heat from it, but a fire always seemed to give a feeling of home and security.

  “Here, lay on the couch. Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, as I motioned to the sofa.

  “Water will be fine.” Her eyes searched mine, and it took all my restraint to not grab her into my arms and hold her. Instead, I nodded, and turned toward the kitchen, when Lucas and Chloe walked in.

  “Hey.” I said to them.

  “Hey. Where is she?” Chloe asked as she hugged me.

  “She’s in the living room. Pretty shaken up.” I responded, and hugged her back. As Chloe let go and headed to Emma, I shook Lucas’s hand. “Thanks for coming.”

  “Of course. So, any idea what’s going on?” He asked as he watched me pour Emma’s water.

  “No. Besides the fact that she’s been receiving weird phone calls, and someone delivered flowers to her today, there hasn’t been much else.” I look at him and continued. “At least that she knows about. Let me get this to her, and we’ll fill Devlin in.” Lucas nodded, and we headed into the living room to find the girls curled up on the couch, talking.

  “Everything okay?” I asked as I handed Emma her water. She looked at me and then at Chloe.

  “Yeah, every thing’s grand. I have a stalker sending me pictures of myself, calling me, and sending me flowers. Now I have the entire team of Devoured looking for him. Life is great.” The sarcasm couldn’t be missed from her voice. I bent down to console her, rubbing my hands over her curled up legs.

  “Baby, I am sorry that this is happening to you, but I promise that I will find out who is responsible, and they will pay.” I brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face, and lifted her chin up so that I could see her eyes. “Understand?”

  Tears threatened the corner of her eyes. I could tell that she was trying to hold it together as best as possible. “Yes, I understand.” I placed a quick kiss on her forehead, and looked at Chloe, who was sitting curled up into the opposite side of the couch. “Lucas and I are going to be in the dining room with Devlin and his team. Can you make sure she’s alright?” Chloe nodded, and I placed a quick kiss on her forehead as well. “Thank you.”

  I turned my attention back to Emma, and took her hands into mine. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” She lifted her head so that we were eye to eye.

  “I know that, Marcus.”

  I kissed her on the lips urgently, showing her that I meant what I said. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. She was mine and that was that. Where the hell did that come from? This woman really has me turned inside out. I stood and made my way into the dining area to talk with Devlin and Lucas about the photos, calls, and what the hell we were going to do.

  Devlin had brought Mac and Kieran with him, and my dining room table was covered in laptops and surveillance equipment. I hit Devlin on the shoulder and motioned toward the table. “Think you over reacted with the equipment?”

  “You said we had a problem. I brought solutions to the problem.” He was solid, his face not moving. He had always been protective of all of us. Devlin was the only one, besides Lucas, that I trusted my life to, and with that now came Emma. I had discussed this with them the other night at the club. They knew where I now stood regarding her.

  “Well, let’s figure out what’s going on, and let’s see the photos.” Devlin said, as we all took our own seats around the table. “When did she say the phone calls started?”

  “I’m not sure. I think a few weeks ago. She had asked me about them a couple of weeks ago, because they were coming from an unlisted number, and she thought that I had been calling from the club,” I replied, as I twirled the envelope in my hands.

  “Anything said on the calls?” Devlin asked again.

  “Let me get her.” I stood and walked into the living room, but realized that Devlin had followed.

  “Emma, Devlin has a few questions for you. Do you mind answering?” I asked her as I sat next to her.

  “No, I don’t mind.” Looking at Devlin, she continued. “What do you need to know?”

  Devlin moved closer to her and knelt in front of the couch. “When did the calls start? Anything on them?”

  “They started about a week or so before I started at the club, but became more frequent afterward. Nothing much to them, just breathing, or nothing there. All from unlisted numbers. They called my cell, work, and even at home.”

  Devlin nodded in acknowledgment. “Why didn’t you say something before?”

  “Honestly, I didn’t think about it. We get people that call the wrong number all the time. I’ve been so busy at work, and then distracted with be
ing at the club, I just didn’t realize how frequent the calls had been coming.”

  “I see. Okay, so today, you received flowers?” Devlin continued.

  “Yes. Again, I thought they were from Marcus, but they weren’t. The next thought was that a customer sent them and forgot to put a name or card with them.”

  “Okay. Anything else? Anybody hanging around the shop that looked out of place or new, so to say?” Devlin asked.

  “No. Nothing out of the normal. But, then again, I’m primarily in the back. Nikki and Ally and my part-time weekend girl normally run the front of the bakery.”

  “Can you ask them if they’ve seen anything?” I asked butting my way back into the conversation. Emma turned to me. “Yeah, I could tomorrow. I’m not going to bother them with it now.”

  “Understandable.” Devlin said, and then stood. “Okay. Marcus and I are going to go over the photos. I will be at the shop in the morning to install some security cameras so we can monitor the front of the shop.”

  “Wait!” Emma’s voice broke through the tension. “I don’t want my bakery turned into a madhouse over this. Putting in security cameras and crap will cause a scene. I don’t want a scene.” She looked at me and then back at Devlin.

  “Emma, I need to figure out who is doing this. How they are able to get to you, your schedule. I promise nothing will be seen by the customers. I’ll install before you open.”

  “Emma, please let us do what we need to in order to protect you.” Lucas said as he stepped out from behind Devlin. “I know this isn’t the best time or way for us all to get properly acquainted, but we need to make sure you are safe. Let us do that.”

  I watched her look at Lucas, then to Devlin, back to Chloe and finally to me. I looked into her eyes and mouthed, “Please.” Shutting her eyes, she took a few deep breaths and finally agreed.

  “Fine! But they have to be installed before I open.”

  Devlin placed his hand on her leg and gave her a quick pat. “You have my word. Boys, let’s go.” And with that, we were headed back into the dining room to look over the photos.

  “Marcus, the photos please.” I handed the packet over to Devlin, who flipped through them. “Looks like whoever it is, is getting to her frequently, and in different places; her house, the store, grocery shopping, getting into her car, and outside the club.”

  “I don’t feel that she is safe. If they can get to her from outside of the club, they can get her anywhere. Obviously, this fool has been tracking her for a while,” I said, as I watched Devlin hand the photos to Mac. Mac had prior military experience in special ops, tracking people that didn’t want to be found. Emma didn’t realize it, but the group of people that could keep her the safest was sitting around my dining room table. Devlin’s past was as secretive as they came, and most of us only knew a portion of it. Kieran had relocated to Boston, and caught up with Devlin a couple of years ago. Kieran and Mac were both employed as security at the club, and were also Devlin’s right hand men at the security business.

  Mac placed the photos back into the envelope, and looked up at me. “He or she, but probably he, is using primarily a long range lens. But some of the shots are close up. He sits and waits for her, patiently waiting to take his shot. Obviously, he has been tracking her and studying her for a while. He knows where she goes when she’s not at work, and knows her schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is someone that she knows.”

  I nodded in agreement. “What do we do? Emma’s a smart person, she would have realized if someone was following her, watching her.”

  Devlin turned to me from the laptop he was entering information into. “She’s going to need to have security with her. We can have Mac and Cole watch her from a far, so as to not rock the boat with the stalker. Mac will scout out the area in Quincy Market, based on the photos, and see if we can pin-point where the stalker might be watching her from. He and Cole will blend in and watch her while she is there. I can assign another man to follow her.”

  “No. I will bring her to work and home from the bakery. Mac or Cole will be with her if I cannot. I don’t want anyone else watching her. Understood?”

  “Understood. Now we have the photos, I need the key to the bakery so that we can install the cameras. I am going to install some around her brownstone as well. The stalker has absolute access to her; we need to minimize any opportunity he can have. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

  “Sounds good.” I watched as he and his entourage packed up the laptops and equipment. “Let’s catch this son of a bitch. Here is the key to the bakery.” I handed him Emma’s keys that I still had from earlier. “Oh, can one of the guys grab my bike?”

  “Yeah, we will. Now go take care of your girl.” Devlin hit my shoulder, and proceeded to leave the condo.

  I walked back into the living room, and saw Lucas sitting on the love seat opposite the girls, who were chatting. “What are you two discussing?” I asked as I took a seat next to Lucas and looked at them.

  “Nothing too much. Emma asked if I wanted to go out with her, her friend and her sister, Friday night. I was just accepting,” Chloe said, as if nothing was wrong with that idea.

  “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now,” I said, looking at Emma.

  “And why not? I planned it already with Nikki and Ally. I am going. I haven’t been the best sister or friend lately.” Emma sat up straight and stared at me.

  “You have a stalker taking photos of you everywhere you go. Don’t you think you should be concerned?” I said back sternly. I didn’t want to have this argument in front of Lucas and Chloe.

  “No, I don’t think it’s a concern. Wouldn’t he have done something by now?”

  I was losing my patience. “Emma, you are silly to think you’re not in danger. Stalkers wait, they watch, until they have the right opportunity. Then they strike. So, it’s a concern. We’ll talk about it later.”

  Lucas stood and motioned to Chloe. “We are going to head out. I’ll see you tomorrow at the club, Emma?” He turned his attention to her.

  “Yes?” Emma responded.

  “Listen to him. Your safety is the first concern. I’m sure we can figure something out with Friday.” Lucas waited for her response.

  “Yes, sir.” The submissive part of her came through, not that it was a stretch with the way Lucas demanded the respect. Emma stood up from the couch and hugged Chloe. “Thank you for the talk. I appreciate what you said.”

  “No worries. We are all family around here. I’ll call you tomorrow about Friday.” Chloe hugged her back. Lucas placed his hand on Chloe’s back and guided her toward the kitchen. I walked them out, and quickly made my way back to Emma, who was now staring out the large glass window into the harbor.


  “It is beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked as I made my way to her back, encircling my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me.

  “It looks so peaceful from up here.” Her head tilted back onto my chest.

  “One of the reasons that I bought the place was for the view.” I brought my face down next to hers. “I’m sorry,” I whispered against the skin of her cheek, placing a light kiss on it.

  “For what?” she asked without breaking her look away from the window.

  “For being over protective. For yelling at you in front of Lucas and Chloe.” I began to kiss a path down her neck to her collar bone, hoping to break through the wall she had put up again.

  “It’s okay. I understand, but I still think we need to talk about certain things.” She moved her head to the side, allowing me more access to her beautiful neck.

  “Can we talk later? I have another idea for now.” I ran my hands up her abdomen and then up the sides of her arms and back down again. Even though we’d had sex less than a couple of hours ago, my body was ready for more. For her. I couldn’t get enough.

  “And what is that idea?” she asked as she moaned.

  “For me to know, and you to find out.” I answered back, drawing
her shirt over her head.

  I dropped my head so that my lips were once again on her neck, kissing, licking and nibbling a path down her shoulder. My hands began rubbing up and down her abdomen, over the lace that held her breasts. I slid my hands up to her shoulders, hooking her bra straps and pulling them down over her arms. I quickly unclasped her bra and flung it behind me, freeing her round mounds. My hands moved to them, taking one in each hand. Kneading, squeezing, and pulling on her nipples. Besides her ass, her breasts were my favorite part of her body. I coerced her nipples between my fingers to the tight peaks that I enjoy, making them grow hard and erect as I placed kisses up and down her neck, sending a chill up her spine, as she jumped against me.

  My hands made their way south to the band of her jeans, unbuttoning them with one quick flick. I moved my hands into the sides of her pants, rubbing her ass and upper thighs, closing in on the area around her sex, teasing her. Emma’s hands had fallen to my thighs, gripping the material of my jeans. I slid her jeans over her hips and down her legs. Moving my way back up to her sex, I paused slightly lower than the apex, waiting for the anticipation of my touch to make her wetter than I knew she already was. Her body responded to my touch so well. I never had to wonder about her being aroused. I felt my dick harden against her ass as I fought to control my need. Her ass, in response to the twitching of my dick, rubbed across it, sending a shock of pleasure through my body.

  “Fuck, Emma. I can’t wait to have you beneath me again, but first…” I pressed her body against the window, spreading her legs wide as I positioned myself behind her again, my lips on her neck, my fingers grazing the top of her labia, teasing, softly moving up and down over the slit.

  “Marcus…” she moaned into my neck.

  I slid my fingers through the slit, pulling her wetness up toward her piercing. God, do I love that piercing. I flicked it, playing with it just right so it hit the top of her already engorged clit.

  “You are always so wet for me.” I slid my fingers up and down the length of her pussy, flicking her clit as I came up, pushing my fingers inside her as I moved down. Her grip on my pants became tighter as her body shook against mine. I pulled my fingers from her cunt, and felt the disappointment in her body. I grabbed her hands and placed them on the window in front of us. “Don’t move them.”


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