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by Sarah O'Rourke

  “Well, now you have someone to share the burden,” she offered gently. “I’m going to try to be a good mate to you, too.”

  “You already are, Lexie.”

  “I haven’t done anything yet,” she pointed out with a shrug.

  “Sugar, you had a whole new world thrown at you and instead of being afraid, you embraced it. You didn’t complain or fight me. You opened your mind and your heart and tried to understand. Never tell me you haven’t done anything when you’ve given everything.”

  “It’s not hard to do when I’m being offered so much in return. Unconditional love and acceptance go a long way toward sweetening the pot,” she remarked with a bright smile as she leaned against him, plastering her body to his. “You’re makin’ it real easy for me to love you, too, Beau,” she whispered against his lip, running her tongue against the seam until he parted his lips to allow her inside.

  Moaning as he began to kiss her back, Lexie captured his tongue and suckled the delectable flesh, her body hungry for the pleasure she knew his could provide. “I love your kiss, Beau,” she breathed raggedly when he pulled back to allow them some much needed oxygen.

  “I love you, period,” he replied, his own voice raw with passion. “And as much as I love this flowy little blouse on you,” he said, plucking at the silky material, “I want to see it on my floor even more.”

  “Are you tryin’ to get to second base, Beau?” she asked playfully, batting her eyelashes at him as he moved her to lie on the couch underneath him.

  “If second base is the part where I get to lick and suck on those luscious tits you have, then hell, yes I’m tryin’ to get there. Although, you should know that while I want to cross second, I’m aimin’ to round ‘em all by the end of the night and knock this out of the park with you,” he informed her with a wicked grin as he lifted the light material over her head and tossed her blouse over his shoulder.

  Clad in a pretty pink lace bra edged with white satin and her tight jeans now, she couldn’t help the surge of desire that pierced her as she spotted the ravenous look in his eyes. It was obvious her mate was hungry, and she felt like an all-you-can-eat buffet sprawled out before him. “I think I like the way you play, kitty cat,” she giggled as she linked her arms around his neck and drew his lips to hers.

  Kissing him for long minutes as his hand wandered up and down her body, cupping and tweaking her nipples while his lips wreaked havoc with her equilibrium, she was breathless by the time he moved to trail a line of kisses down her neck. Chill bumps rose on her skin as he nibbled at her flesh, his tongue occasionally lapping at her skin and pulling a moan from her mouth. Slowly, he made his way down to her breasts, pulling her bra down until her mounds popped free.

  She hissed in a tight breath as his lips surrounded one of her swollen nipples, the warm wet heat of his mouth surrounding the pebbled peak and drawing it deep. Burying her fingers in his thick hair as he sucked, Alexa felt her cleft grow slick and achy, every pull of his lips heightening the sensation until she was near mindless with pleasure. “Beau, yes,” she gasped as his tongue circled her nipple before biting erotically on the tip, giving just the slightest edge of pain to temper the pleasure.

  “You like that, chère? You like havin’ my mouth on these gorgeous tits? Havin’ my tongue nippin’ at these plump raspberry nipples you have? I can’t decide which I love more…the taste of your tits or that sweet cream between your legs.”

  “Maybe you should taste that cream again so you can make an informed decision,” she suggested hoarsely, scraping her nails against his scalp as his tongue twirled around her swollen nipple again.

  Lifting his head to look up her body with glittering eyes, his roguish smile gave her the shivers. “I love the way you think, sugar. Such an intelligent mate I have,” he praised, dropping kissing along the slight curve of her belly until he reached the edge of her jeans. “I don’t think you’ll be needin’ these any more, do you?”

  Alexa giggled as he unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, lifting her butt off the couch so that he could slither the denim down her legs. Biting her lower lip as she watched him impatiently toss the jeans to the side, she moaned as his fingers hooked around the lacy satin underwear that had matched the bra she’d lost somewhere along the way. Panting hard as she felt his warm breath bathing her pussy with a flood of heat, she couldn’t help watching his dark head slowly descend, his sexy gaze never wavering from hers as his tongue connected with her flesh. Her back arced as his tongue slid up her slit, taking a long taste of her.

  “Fuck, Lexie,” he growled against her mound. “You taste fucking divine. Never gonna get enough of your pussy’s sweetness. Never gonna stop worshipin’ at this altar,” he vowed between gentle licks to her folds, his tongue soft, but firm as he slowly learned what she liked best. Moaning when he reached her clit and tapped his tongue against the bud, she keened when he pulled it between his lips and suckled languidly.

  “God, yes!” she whimpered as he twisted his tongue around that bundle of nerves, flicking it in a way that sent a shudder through her body. “Don’t stop, Beau,” she begged, tightening her fingers in his hair as he fucked his tongue into her while he flicked her clit with his thumb.

  “Not stoppin’, chère. Not until you cum for me and drench my mouth in your cream,” he rumbled, his lips wet with her essence. She’d thought she’d seen sexy before, but seeing his face damp with all that was her was just about the most sensual sight she ever hoped to see.

  “Whose pussy is this, sweet Lexie?” Beau questioned before he tongued her from her entrance to her clit. “Who owns all this beauty, mate?”

  Lifting her hips toward him when he lifted his head to wait for her answer, she nearly imploded. “You!” she gasped. “It’s all yours, Beau.”

  “Fuck, yes, it is. This delicious pussy is all fucking mine,” he snarled greedily before his head lowered again and he cupped her pussy possessively, burying his nose in her cleft, and drawing her intoxicating scent into his lungs before his tongue found her delicate bud again.

  Throwing her head back, she relished the carnal way he ate at her pussy, licking and biting, groaning and growling as his appetite grew more and more insatiable. On the cusp of her climax, she knew her nails would leave lasting imprints in the leather cushion behind her head, but she couldn’t bring herself to give a care. Not when her body was bowing, her pussy throbbing as she edged closer to release.

  “Beau!” she screamed hoarsely as wave after wave of biting pleasure suffused her, pulling her into a passionate undertow. Bucking against his lips, she heard his low snarl as his hands tightened on her hips, his tongue forcing more acute bliss on her. For those moments, she was at his mercy and he was a determined predator.

  Finally coming down from her peak, she watched as he lifted his head, licking his reddened, swollen lips as he smiled wickedly at her. “You look like the kitty who got the cream,” she teased breathlessly.

  “That’s because I did,” he rasped, leaning forward to drop a slow kiss to the center of her belly just below her heart. “And next I want that pussy in my bed with my cock buried inside it for the foreseeable future.”

  “It’s yours, Beau. Anything you want. It’s all yours,” she whispered, touching his slick lower lip with trembling fingers.

  “You’re sure you’re ready to really be entirely mine, mate? You can’t take it back once it happens. It’ll solidify our bond completely.”

  “I’m positive. I think I was born to be yours, Beau. Right now, it feels like everything in my whole life was leading me to this moment,” she shared tearfully, touching her fingers to his chin.

  Beau’s muscles flexed as he rolled fluidly to his feet. “I need you in my bed, Alexa. I want to see your bare body stretched across my sheets. I want your hair splayed against my pillows. I want you filling my space the way you’ve filled my heart.”

  Nodding, her breath caught in her throat as Beau bent and lifted her high against his chest the way a groom would
carry his bride. Holding onto him tightly as he carried her quickly down the long hallway through to the master bedroom, her jaw dropped as she took in her surroundings.

  “I had the master redone the day I realized you were my mate. No woman but you has seen it, and no other woman but you will ever lie in that bed except our daughters. Do you like it, chère?”

  Her eyes were round with wonder as she looked around the room. Done in her favorite colors of yellow and dove grey, the space screamed sanctuary. She’d never seen this room in her life, but she could see her stamp all over it. From the pale yellow sheer curtains to the thick grey comforter on the bed, it was her style to a tee. And in the corner of the room was the very best part…a sunken garden tub built into the wall. It was as if Beau had been inside her brain and plucked out her fantasy of the ideal bedroom.

  “How did you do this?” she whispered, her eyes wide as the skittered across the room, unable to settle on any one thing.

  “I can’t lie. I overheard one of your conversations with Tilly while you two were walking around cleaning tables at the coffeehouse. I might have sunk down in my booth so that I could listen in and learn what would make you happiest. Did I get close, bébé?”

  “You nailed it, Beau,” she squealed, squeezing her arms around his neck as he carried her to the bed and placed her carefully in the center of it.

  “I’m glad, Lexie. I want to give you everything you want,” he offered huskily, reaching behind his head to grasp the back of his Henley and pull it over his head.

  Stretching back on his pillows, Lexie watched her man… her mate strip. “All I want right now is for you to make me yours. Once you give me that, I think I’ll have everything I’ll ever want.”

  Shoving his jeans over his lean hips, Beau’s eyes softened as he grinned at her. “You and me both, sweetness.”

  Licking her lips as he walked toward the bed, his gorgeous cock bobbing between his legs, Alexa was struck by her mate’s masculine beauty. From his head to toe, he was perfection. And that long cock of his? A work of fucking art – no pun intended. Long and thick, his staff had a ruddy plum sized knob that her mouth watered to taste. Already his tip leaked with a droplet of his cum and it was everything she could do not to dive headfirst onto his dick. Running her hand over his chest as he put one knee on the bed, she whispered, “You’re so sexy.”

  “No, bébé, you’re the sexy one. I’m just the lucky bastard that gets to make you his own,” he murmured, leaning forward to press a kiss to her lips.

  Returning his kiss quickly, Lexie pushed him back with one hand, wagging her finger under his nose. “Oh, no, kitty cat! Now it’s my turn to taste your cream,” she said, leaning forward to capture his mushroom tip between her lips and swirl her tongue around the ridge beneath the head of his dick.

  “Oh, sweet fuck!” Beau cursed, his head falling back on his shoulders as he wrapped her long cinnamon colored hair around one fist. “That’s it, bébé, take me deep,” he urged, thrusting gently into the hot depths of her mouth. “Take it! Take my cock,” he hissed.

  “Mmmm,” she hummed around his length, savoring his slightly salty flavor. Like salted caramel, he melted on her tongue as his cock flexed inside her mouth, growing and lengthening, filling her up. Caressing the thick vein running the length of the underside of his cock, she gasped a little as Beau’s hips surged and a raw sound of pleasure vibrated off the walls of the bedroom.

  “Jesus, chère, you’re my little cocksucking queen, aren’t you?” he bit out, his jagged voice almost guttural. “Fuck, yeah, bébé! Take that cock as deep as you can,” he pleaded.

  Anxious to please him, Lexie inhaled through her nose and hollowed out her cheeks, taking his girth to the back of her throat and swallowing involuntarily.

  Beau’s rough shout nearly had her cumming from no more that the sound of his pleasure. Swirling her tongue around the tip as she eased his length from her depths, she was rewarded with a spurt of thick cream. “So good,” she murmured against his flesh.

  Gripping her hair, Beau pulled her eager mouth from his length, bending to claim her lips in a deep kiss, uncaring that his earthy taste still coated her tongue. “I wasn’t done yet,” she complained against his mouth, biting his lower lip sharply.

  “Chère, I want to unload deep inside your cunt and watch it leak down your thighs the first time I spill for you. I promise, we’re gonna have a lifetime together for you to blow me,” he soothed, twisting her swollen nipple between fingers. “Now lay that gorgeous ass back in my bed and spread for me. I need to show my love to that sweet pussy before I lose what’s left of my control,” he bit out tightly, his warm hands urging her to her back.

  “I like the sound of that,” she whispered eagerly as Beau came over her, planting his elbows on either side of her head and dwarfing her smaller body with his own. Unable to help it, she shivered as she realized that this was it. The end of her innocence. This incredible man was going to make her his in the most elemental way there was.

  Staring into her eyes, he dropped a kiss to her forehead. “Don’t be scared, chère. I’ll do my best to go easy. It might hurt this first time though.”

  “I don’t care,” Lexie dismissed him with a careless smile. “I want this. Whatever pain there is, I know you’ll show me a hundred times more pleasure.”

  “I will, chère. I promise,” he whispered. “Take me in your hand, Lexie, my love, and guide your mate home.”

  Eager to give him back some of the mind-numbing pleasure he’d given her, Lexie slid her hand between them and palmed Beau’s cock in her hand, giving it a couple of slow pumps of her fist. Watching his ravaged face tense with need, she decided that there would be plenty of time to play with him later once his initial hunger for her had been sated. Guiding his staff to her entrance, she nodded. “I’m ready, Beau. Make me yours.”

  Poised at the edge of her pussy, she watched Beau’s Adam’s apple move up and down as he swallowed. “It’s okay, honey. I’m not scared. I want you.”

  “I love you, Lexie,” he murmured, carefully drawing back his hips before sinking slowly inside her.

  Gripping his shoulders as she felt him fill her, the walls of her pussy stretching to accommodate him, Lexie tried to keep her face from showing any pain. And truthfully, she wouldn’t classify what she felt as pain so much as discomfort. But when his cock bumped against the thin membrane protecting her innocence, she might not be able to avoid pain entirely.

  “Lexie, give me your mouth, bébé, and hang onto me,” Beau demanded hoarsely, his eyes tender on her face.

  Tightening her grip on his shoulders, her nails scored his flesh as his hips surged forward and made her his. Gasping at the brief tearing pain, her head twisted on the pillow as his lips found hers. He froze inside her, tangling his tongue with hers until the burn began to ebb and her body began to quicken once more. Hooking her leg around his waist, she couldn’t help moaning into his mouth as the change in position pulled him deeper. “I’m okay, Beau,” she murmured against his lips.

  “You sure?” he rasped, drawing his tongue down the curve of her neck.

  Moving her hips experimentally and feeling the smooth glide of his cock sinking inside her, caressing that magical spot deep within her, she moaned. “Oh, yeah,” she quickly agreed.

  Fucking into her again, they both moaned. “Fuck, chère, you’re so tight and wet. The way your cunt is clutchin’ at me… nothing’s ever felt that good,” he rumbled against her ear as he began to move smoothly inside her, his way unimpeded now as both their bodies searched for fulfillment.

  “Oh, God, Beau, it’s good. Feels so good,” she gasped as the pleasure spiked when he snuck a hand between them, his fingers going to her sensitive clit to coax it from beneath its hood.

  The bed bounced beneath them as they found a hard rhythm, his free hand lacing with hers where it rested on the pillow behind the bed. “I’m c-close,” she panted, her back arching as her the wet sound of their coupling filled the bedroo

  Quickly withdrawing from her, Beau drew back to kneel between her legs, his hands going to her hips. “Turn over, chère,” he ordered urgently, helping her flip over in the bed. “My panther and I need this,” he growled, a feral edge to his voice as Lexie rolled to her belly and came up on her knees.

  She wasn’t a complete novice. She knew about this position - knew it was the way animals coupled in the wild. It was a position where she was at his mercy, submissive to his will. She wasn’t surprised in the slightest that Beau, with his dual nature, might want her this way. Feeling his hard length bump against her entrance, she moaned as his teeth found the curve of her neck, his hands cupping the heavy globes of her breasts as he suddenly powered forward with a low grunt of satisfaction. “Yes!” she cried, her body slickening as his fingers pinched at her nipples and his teeth nibbled at her neck.

  “Mine!” he rasped against her ear, his breath hot and muggy against her cheek. “My mate!” he snarled again, surging deeper, filling her completely.

  “Yours,” she agreed on a moan, turning her head so that her lips could meet his in a wet kiss. In this position, his possession was so much deeper… so raw and forceful, but so fucking satisfying that it stole her breath.

  “Can’t get enough of you, chère,” he confessed raggedly, dropping his hand to her cleft and circling her clit with two fingers. “You gonna cum for me, bébé?” he asked, fucking her hard and deep as he worked her bud. “Gonna give your mate that cream?”

  “Yes!” she wailed, pushing her hips back to meet every brutal thrust. She could tell he was close to losing control by the wild look in those swirling yellow eyes. She was, too! Her body was desperate for his, craving the orgasm that was hovering out of reach. “Fill me, Beau! Fill me up!” She begged, her hands fisting in the bed sheets as he steadied her with a warm hand at her hip.

  Screaming in pleasure a few moments later as her release shook her to her core, she heard Beau begin to grunt behind as he grabbed both cheeks of her ass and began to power deep, searching for his own climax now.


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