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by Sarah O'Rourke

  “Fuck, I love your pussy,” he bit out as her walls gripped him and a second orgasm built low in her belly. Their scent of sex was thick in the air, making the both drunk on pleasure. She knew she’d never feel more powerful that the moment she felt her big mate begin to shake behind her, his low groans and grunts fierce and primal as his body lost control and his own release claimed him.

  Moaning as she felt the furious hot blast of his seed filling her, she moaned as his teeth found her shoulder, sinking into her flesh and pinning her to the bed. It was shocking and sexy and so wonderful that she wanted to cry. And when he released the abused skin a moment later and his body collapsed over hers, she nearly cried as his warm tongue moved gently over the mark.

  “Love you, chère,” he rumbled, turning his face toward hers. “Thank you,” he whispered against her lips.

  “I love you, too,” she replied, blinking away happy tears. “So much, Beau,”

  Dropping a kiss against the curve of her neck, he began to shift to the side, pulling her into his arms as he laid back against the pillows. Holding her smaller body protectively against his side, he idly scratched at his chest as they both caught their breath.

  Watching his fingers move against his dark skin, she moved her gaze to his face and narrowed her eyes. “The way you’re scratchin your chest, my kitty cat best not have brought fleas into this beautiful bedroom you built for me,” she threatened, playfully tweaking his nipple.

  Snorting his laughter, he turned toward his mate. “My panther would like you to know he’s offended by that comment. We do not have fleas. And if you keep provoking him by calling me kitty cat, I can’t be held responsible for what happens next, chère,” he offered, his tone warm and amused.

  “I’m not worried,” she declared flippantly. “Neither one of you would ever harm me,” she informed him easily.

  “That is true, Lexie,” Beau agreed, leaning toward her to steal another kiss.

  Rolling on her side to look into her man’s eyes, Lexie smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before, Beau. It makes me never want to leave this spot.”

  “Get used to this feeling, chère. I know what it’s like to be inside you now. I’ve felt how perfect the world becomes when your arms surround me. Do you truly think I’m ever gonna turn you loose, chère?”

  “I…I haven’t really thought about it,” she returned softly, more moved by his statement than she wanted to admit. No one had ever wanted to be with her before. Not for longer than it took to get what they wanted from her. But Beau… he was so different in so many ways.

  “I want you here from now on, Lexie,” Beau clarified, reaching out a hand to run his hand down her side.


  “Here, love! In my house. In my bed. In my arms. For always. This isn’t temporary, Lexie, and it’s not gonna end. The mate bond is for a lifetime. Now, tell me you’re gonna be mine so that I can get back to showing you my appreciation,” he demanded with a smile.

  “Does that mean more of what we just did?” she asked, her heart swelling with love for this man.

  “Oh, yeah,” he rumbled with a wicked grin.

  “Then I’m yours until the end of time, Beaumont LaForte. I never had a place to belong until you and now that I have it, I’m going to hold onto it and you with both hands.”

  Pulling her against him, Beau shook his head. “No, chère, we’re gonna hang onto each other,” he promised against her ear.

  “And never let go,” Lexie added before pressing her lips to his.

  And for the next sixty years, that’s exactly what Beau and Lexie did.

  They lived.

  They loved.

  And they flourished.

  Because their love really could conquer all.


  Twenty-One Years Later

  “No! Absolutely not!” Beau roared, his hand landing against the dining room table with enough force to rattle the dishes.



  “Listen,” Beau proclaimed, his deep voice grim and serious, “This is not happening,” he insisted as he turned to look at his mate. “Tell her, chère!”

  “Honey, I can’t,” Lexie denied, shaking her head as she offered him a gentle smile.

  “Dad, maybe it won’t be so bad,” the deep voice of Beau and Lexie’s twenty-one year old son, Finn, said hopefully.

  “It doesn’t matter what any of you think anyway,” Finn’s twin sister, Adeline spat. “I love him, Daddy! And I can already sense the mate bond,” she added, tossing her thick dark hair over one shoulder and rising from the table as the doorbell rang.

  Pressing his lips together, Beau’s eyes widened as they sought out his wife’s serene gaze again. “Is that him?’ he asked Lexie grouchily.

  “It is,” Adeline answered before her mother could open her mouth. “And you be nice, too, Daddy! Kaiden isn’t any happier about this than you are,” she warned before hurrying toward the door.

  “Go,” Beau nodded at his son, indicating he should follow his sister. “Don’t leave that little punk alone with your sister, boy. I’ll be there in a minute.”

  “Yes, sir,” Finn agreed with a nod as he unfolded his tall body from his chair and headed toward the living room, his boots falling heavily against the polished wooden planks of the floor. Waiting until both his kids disappeared, Beau turned to glare at his wife, his mate, and his love of over two decades. “Well, I wanna thank you so much for all your help, chère!” he sneered.

  Lexie’s lips twitched as her eyes met Beau’s. “Honey,” she said softly, reaching for his hand and lacing her fingers with his. “What would you have done if anyone had tried to keep your mate from you all those years ago?”

  “That was different,” he grumbled, squeezing her hand gently.

  “How?” Lexie laughed.

  “You weren’t my daughter. And I wasn’t a fucking wolf!”

  Lexie rolled her eyes at that. “Do I need to remind you that you were instrumental in orchestrating a peace treaty between the wolves and breed community? Or, that you were one of the first to suggest allowing them to mingle with the breed populace instead of shunning them?”

  Glaring at his wife, Beau clenched his jaw. “Look, I think as long as the wolves abide by the laws, they should be allowed among us. That doesn’t mean I want my baby girl mated to one, and as alpha of the Nouveau Pantere pack….”

  “Oh, hush!” Lexie laughed. “We both know that your alpha status means nothing in this instance. The mate bond superseded everything else. You taught me that,” she reminded him quietly, rising from the table to stand behind him and wrap her arms around her neck.

  “She so young, chère,” he said, his worry and love for their daughter obvious.

  “She’s the same age as I was, Beau,” she again reminded her mate of what he already knew. “Don’t deprive her of the love that can be found between two mates. She’ll hate you if you interfere. And she’s enough like you that earning her forgiveness will be an exercise in torture. You’ve got to face reality. This needs to be her choice and hers alone.”

  Beau closed his eyes at the wisdom in his wife’s words. “Fine. But I still can’t believe fate led her to a fuckin’ wolf,” he grumbled, leaning his head back against Lexie’s chest. “She won’t have anything in common with him.”

  “Oh, please. Fate sent you a human instead of a shifter, and you had to teach me everything about a world I hadn’t known existed. That turned out okay, didn’t it?” she asked, pressing her lips to the crown of his graying head.

  Quickly rising to take his mate in his arms, Beau’s mouth found hers with unerring accuracy, kissing her deeply. “You have been and continue to be the best thing in my world, chère. Never doubt it.”

  “Then maybe fate has a plan, Beau. Things will happen the way they happen. All we can do is be there to support our children, no matter what.”

  “Fine,” Beau finally reluctantly conceded, dro
pping a kiss to his mate’s nose. “I’ll go meet the dog,” he grumbled, wrapping an arm around his wife’s waist and guiding her toward the living room.

  Hiding her smirk, Lexie nodded, her voice entirely innocent when she replied. “Thank you, my kitty cat”.

  The End

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