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Generation Original Collection Part 1 Page 2

by Lemmon Harris IV


  How much money is enough money to make you kill someone? 1,000,000 for guys, and 1,500,000 for girls, I would say. I don’t like killing women. No kids I would say, And 3,000,000 for political figureheads. The price rises fast depending on security clearance. My wife Nadia on the other hand, she’s too nice, she’ll kill everyone for 1 mill up front and 2mill after. She does her job fast and she does it right and that’s why we work together. We click. I met her when she was 19 I was 25. Her father was my target. She didn’t like that, but she did like me. I gave up 4,000,000 dollars for her. She soon followed my cause. We took out Businessmen, lawyers, husbands, and foreign officials. My name is Kirby England and we are moving in to take on one of the biggest jobs of our entire lives. We are here in Brazil following the Cuban Ambassador. We don’t know why they want him dead, but for 6 million, I don’t have very many questions. Though upon research of my victim, Alvaro Perez, I realized that we wont be the first to attempt this. He is a three-time assassination survivor. Each time he amps up his security and his bodyguards are switched every other day. He has over 100 people staffed and that is where he made his mistake. He’s scheduled to stay at this very hotel. All rooms were emptied except

  for the one he is to be in. He is allowing two men to enter with him. So all together there will be 4 in the room him, his wife, and two guards. I’m leaving this room from he roof, so it’s up to Nadia, to do her part. As the Ambassador pulls up in his limo at the hotel, he grabs a drink of champagne. He is a short fat man that walks with the power of a king, and the smell of a sewer dweller. His status and money are invisible when coupled with the cheap thrift store suits that he dawns daily. As he steps out of the limo, he and his wife are escorted to the door of the hotel, where a man standing in a bellboy’s uniform awaits to take their luggage.

  “May I take your luggage?” Says the bellboy.
“Back off guy,” says the bodyguard
“We’ve got everything covered.” The fourth attempt on his life is about to happen right now. The bellboy pulls a silenced pistol out of his coat. One of the bodyguards notices.
“Lookout he yells!” The other bodyguard yells, “Get him to his room!” The bodyguard shoots the bellboy in the chest, as the other bodyguard rushes Alvaro to his room.
Make that a 4-time assassination survivor. Sometimes the best of plans

  falls apart due to one dumb mistake. But on the other hand...
”Sir this is your room.” Says the bodyguard. “Are you okay honey” Alvaro asks his wife. “I refuse to come along if this is going to continue to happen.” She replies. “Why do they continue to attack you?” she asks in haste. Before he can answer the bodyguard takes off his sunglasses and places one hand on his shoulder. “Probably because he launders money, someone wants his position, or he screwed somebody over”
“Excuse Me!” says Alvaro. “It’s really none of my business.” Says Kirby. He points behind them, where a woman now stands pointing a gun at them. “Or hers.” he continues.
...On the other hand, when you hire an extra member to make a scene, you throw off everything they know about protecting their target. They rush for safety and leave the target wide open. They’ll never leave with that bellboy. He was a friend of mine. He’ll slip out as soon as they take their eyes off of him, but in the mean time, it’s time to make assassination attempt 4, a success.
“Goodbye Mr. Alvaro” With two quick silent gunshots. Nadia and Kirby take out both the Ambassador and his wife.
So is 6 million dollars enough to convince you to kill an Ambassador? It was for us. But then again... we do this all the time.



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