Ann M. Martin

 Ann M. Martin 's Books

A very well recieved series by Ann M. Martin are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are Karen's Tea Party, Kristy and the Snobs, Best Kept Secret, Karen's Kittens, Karen's Big Job, Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street, The Fire at Mary Anne's House, Science Fair, Me and Katie (The Pest), Karen's Plane Trip, Jessi's Wish, Dawn and Too Many Sitters, Jessi and the Jewel Thieves, Eleven Kids, One Summer, Karen's Goldfish, Snow War, Abby and the Secret Society, Keeping Secrets, Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye, Karen's Sleepover, Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby, Mary Anne Saves the Day, Mallory and the Dream Horse, Kristy and the Mystery Train, Dawn's Family Feud, Karen's Twin, Little Miss Stoneybrook... And Dawn, Karen's Mistake, Karen's Movie Star, Mallory and the Mystery Diary, Karen's Monsters, Kristy + Bart = ?, Karen's Dinosaur, Here Today, Karen's Carnival, How to Look for a Lost Dog, Stacey vs. Claudia, Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend, Here Come the Bridesmaids!, Graduation Day, Kristy's Big News, Karen's School Surprise, Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer, Baby-Sitters' Christmas Chiller, Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation, Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life, Claudia and the Bad Joke, Mary Anne's Makeover, Stacey and the Fashion Victim, Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-Sitter, Karen's Tuba, Dawn's Wicked Stepsister, Diary Three: Dawn, Sunny, Maggie, Amalia, and Ducky, Karen's Nanny, Jessi and the Awful Secret, Karen's New Year, Karen's Candy, Karen's President, Mary Anne and the Great Romance, Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies, Kristy and the Copycat, Jessi and the Bad Baby-Sitter, Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade, Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost, Karen's New Puppy, Karen's Home Run, Karen's Chain Letter, Kristy in Charge, Karen's Angel, Mary Anne and Too Many Boys, Karen's Big Fight, Karen's Spy Mystery, Stacey's Big Crush, Karen's School, Claudia and the Terrible Truth, Karen's Cowboy, The Summer Before, Beware, Dawn!, Belle Teale, Claudia's Big Party, The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, Karen's Book, Teacher's Pet, Boy-Crazy Stacey, Claudia and the Disaster Date, Author Day, Claudia and the Sad Good-Bye, Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever, Yours Turly, Shirley, Class Play, Kristy and the Vampires, Kristy and the Cat Burglar, Karen's Pumpkin Patch, Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House, Karen's Chicken Pox, Mary Anne and the Playground Fight, Stacey's Mistake, Coming Apart, Mary Anne and the Little Princess, Karen, Hannie and Nancy: The Three Musketeers, 'Tis the Season, Claudia and Mean Janine, Karen's School Bus, Mary Anne's Big Breakup, Rain Reign, Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum, Claudia and the Great Search, Karen's Doll, Shannon's Story, Sea City, Here We Come!, Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook, Karen's Treasure, Ten Rules for Living With My Sister, With You and Without You, Baby-Sitters' Island Adventure, Karen's Fishing Trip, Dawn and the Big Sleepover, New York, New York!, Ten Kids, No Pets, Happy Holidays, Jessi, Halloween Parade, Karen's New Holiday, Kristy Power!, Karen's Wish, Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting, Karen's Stepmother, Abby in Wonderland, Karen's Snow Day, Kristy and the Secret of Susan, Karen's Pony Camp, Karen's School Trip, Mary Anne to the Rescue, Karen's Unicorn, Abby and the Notorious Neighbor, Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, Claudia Gets Her Guy, Missing Since Monday, Stacey's Choice, Stacey's Ex-Best Friend, Karen's New Teacher, Karen's Accident, Karen's Lucky Penny, Karen's Cartwheel, Karen's Puppet Show, Spelling Bee, Stacey's Problem, Stacey and the Stolen Hearts, Karen's Surprise, Karen's Worst Day, The Ghost at Dawn's House, Karen's Big Sister, Karen's Easter Parade, Mary Anne and the Silent Witness, Karen's Swim Meet, Mary Anne's Revenge, Karen's Mystery, Stacey and the Mystery Money, Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs, Karen's Christmas Tree, Welcome to Camden Falls, Karen's Pilgrim, Dawn and the Halloween Mystery, Mary Anne in the Middle, Karen's Toys, Kristy's Great Idea, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery, Karen's Big Weekend, Logan's Story, Karen's Yo-Yo, Kristy's Book, Mallory and the Ghost Cat, Mary Anne and the Music, Karen's Tattletale, Karen's County Fair, Karen's Mermaid, Snowbound, Karen's Movie, Jessi and the Troublemaker, Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake, Mallory on Strike, Jessi's Baby-Sitter, Karen's Leprechaun, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, Karen's Good-Bye, Karen's Figure Eight, Logan Likes Mary Anne!, Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure, Dawn on the Coast, Stacey and the Cheerleaders, Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph, Karen's New Friend, Mallory and the Trouble With Twins, Karen's Roller Skates, Abby and the Best Kid Ever, Poor Mallory!, Karen's Witch, Karen's Grandmothers, Slam Book, Karen's School Picture, Karen's Reindeer, Kristy's Big Day, The Long Way Home, Karen's Sleigh Ride, On Christmas Eve, Karen's Copycat, Karen's Ice Skates, Claudia and the Little Liar, Abby the Bad Sport, The Baby-Sitters Club #5: Dawn and the Impossible Three, Abby's Book, Karen's Big Top, Main Street #8: Special Delivery, Kristy and the Kidnapper, Karen's Ski Trip, Karen's Hurricane, Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall, Jessi and the Superbrat, Kristy and the Baby Parade, Karen's New Bike, Karen's Big City Mystery, Baby-Sitters' European Vacation, Hello, Mallory, Dawn's Big Date, Karen's Christmas Carol, Jessi's Horrible Prank, Kristy and the Missing Fortune, Kristy and the Haunted Mansion, Jessi's Big Break, Karen's Pony, Welcome Home, Mary Anne, Stacey the Math Whiz, September Surprises, Bummer Summer, Karen's Secret, Abby's Twin, Main Street #4: Best Friends, Karen's Big Move, Mary Anne Misses Logan, Stacey's Book, Claudia and the Perfect Boy, Holiday Time, Stacey's Broken Heart, Karen's Field Day, Kristy's Worst Idea, Dawn and the Older Boy, Karen's Brothers, Claudia's Friend, Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore, Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever, Summer School, Karen's Birthday, Karen's Black Cat, Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?, Claudia's Book, Main Street #2: Needle and Thread, Karen's Runaway Turkey, Karen's Campout, Karen's Bunny, Claudia and the New Girl, Karen's Wedding, Karen's Promise, Karen's Snow Princess, Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout, Starring the Baby-Sitters Club!, Kristy for President, California Girls!, Maid Mary Anne, Abby's Un-Valentine, Stacey's Secret Friend, Karen's Haunted House, Claudia and Crazy Peaches, Karen's Prize, Get Well Soon, Mallory!, Karen's Doll Hospital, Karen's Newspaper, Karen's Toothache, Mary Anne and Miss Priss, Abby's Lucky Thirteen, The Secret Book Club, The All-New Mallory Pike, Karen's Turkey Day, Karen's Magician, Mary Anne and the Library Mystery, Diary One: Dawn, Sunny, Maggie, Amalia, and Ducky, Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic, Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise, Karen's in Love, Welcome to the BSC, Abby, Karen's Kittycat Club, The Mystery at Claudia's House, The Truth About Stacey, Karen's Bully, Karen's Gift, BSC in the USA, Everything for a Dog, Dawn and the We Love Kids Club, Karen's Ghost, Stacey's Lie, Jessi's Secret Language, Kristy and the Missing Child, Better to Wish, Baby-Sitters on Board!, Kristy at Bat, Everything Changes, Don't Give Up, Mallory, A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray, Karen's Big Lie, Karen's Show and Share, Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym), Diary Two: Dawn, Sunny, Maggie, Amalia, and Ducky, Karen's Pen Pal, Claudia and the Friendship Feud, Karen's Secret Valentine, Keep Out, Claudia!, Aloha, Baby-Sitters!, Welcome Back, Stacey, Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter, Karen's Pizza Party, Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, Staying Together, Dawn and the Surfer Ghost, Claudia Makes Up Her Mind, Jessi's Gold Medal, Karen's Kite, Baby Animal Zoo, Dawn's Big Move, Karen's Big Joke, Karen's Lemonade Stand, Ma and Pa Dracula, Baby-Sitters' Haunted House, Abby and the Mystery Baby, Home Is the Place, Karen's Grandad, Twin Trouble, Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life (So Far), Diary Two, Baby-Sitters Club 027, Claudia and the Mystery Painting, Diary One, Baby-Sitters Club 037, Baby-Sitters Club 028, Baby-Sitters Club 085, Dawn Schaffer Undercover Baby-Sitter, Jessi's Babysitter, The Baby-Sitters Club #110: Abby the Bad Sport (Baby-Sitters Club, The), Karen's Little Sister, Baby-Sitters Club 058, Claudia And The Genius On Elm St., Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Sticky-Fingers Cure, Kristy and Kidnapper, Baby-Sitters Club 041, Karen's Bunny Trouble, Baby-Sitters Club 032, Diary Three, Christmas Chiller, Karen's Half-Birthday, Needle and Thread, Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, Baby-Sitters Beware, Claudia Kishi, Middle School Drop-Out, Logan Likes Mary Anne !, Baby-Sitters Club 061, Best Friends, Baby-Sitters Club 031, Karen's Little Witch, Jessi Ramsey, Petsitter, Baby-Sitters Club 123, Baby-Sitters Club 059, Baby-Sitters Club 033, Baby-Sitters Club 060, Baby-Sitters Club 094, The Baby-Sitters Club #99: Stacey's Broken Heart, The Baby-Sitters Club #109: Mary Anne to the Rescue (Baby-Sitters Club, The), Mystery At Claudia's House, Claudia And The Sad Goodbye, Mary Anne's Big Break-Up, Baby-Sitters Club 025, Baby-Sitters Club 042, Stacey and the Mystery of the Empty House, Karen's Baby-Sitter, Claudia's Friendship Feud, Baby-Sitters Club 090, Baby-Sitters Club 021, Baby-Sitters Club 056, Baby-Sitters Club 040, The Baby-Sitters Club #108: Don't Give Up, Mallory (Baby-Sitters Club, The), Dawn and the Impossible Three, The Snow War, Special Delivery, Baby-Sitters Club 057, Mary Anne And Too Many Babies, Baby-Sitters Club 030, which was published in 2022.