C. S. Forester

 C. S. Forester 's Books

A very well recieved series by C. S. Forester are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are The Young Hornblower Omnibus, The Earthly Paradise, The Peacemaker, The Good Shepherd, Gold From Crete, Sink the Bismarck!, Payment Deferred, The Pursued, The African Queen, The Daughter of the Hawk, The Sky And The Forest, Plain Murder, Love Lies Dreaming, Death to the French (aka Rifleman Dodd), The Ship, Brown on Resolution, Captain Hornblower R. N., Greyhound (Movie Tie-In), Admiral Hornblower, Hornblower and the Crisis, 10 Lord Hornblower hh-10, 12 Hornblower and the Crisis hh-12, The General, To the Indies, Hornblower's Charitable Offering, which was published in 2022.