Elmore Leonard

 Elmore Leonard 's Books

A very well recieved series by Elmore Leonard are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are Charlie Martz and Other Stories: The Unpublished Stories, Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup #2, Fire in the Hole, Tishomingo Blues (2002), Djibouti, When the Women Come Out to Dance: Stories, Riding the Rap, Moment of Vengeance and Other Stories, Raylan, Touch, Mr Majestyk, Swag, Road Dogs, La Brava, The Hot Kid, Valdez Is Coming: A Novel, Be Cool, The Law at Randado, The Bounty Hunters, When the Women Come Out to Dance, 310 to Yuma and Other Stories (1953), Tishomingo Blues, Cat Chaser, Pagan Babies, Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup #1, 52 Pickup, Stick, The Moonshine War, Valdez Is Coming, City Primeval, Rum Punch, Out of Sight, Naked Came the Manatee (1996), Killshot, Cuba Libre, Forty Lashes Less One, The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard, Pronto, Split Images, Last Stand at Saber River, The Switch, Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories, Bandits, Comfort to the Enemy and Other Carl Webster Stories, Hombre, Trail of the Apache and Other Stories, LaBrava, Gold Coast, Jackie Brown, Escape From Five Shadows, Karen Makes out (1996), Up in Honey's Room, How Carlos Webster Changed His Name to Carl and Became a Famous Oklahoma Lawman (2003), Mr. Paradise, The Hunted, Freaky Deaky, Louly and Pretty Boy (Ss), Glitz, A Coyote's in the House, The Big Bounce jr-1, Up in Honey's Room cw-2, Unknown Man #89 jr-3, Get Shorty: A Novel cp-1, Gunsights, Riding the Rap rg-2, which was published in 2022.