John Marsden

 John Marsden 's Books

A very well recieved series by John Marsden are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are Incurable, While I Live, Out of Time, Checkers, The Great Gatenby, Looking for Trouble, Winter, Cool School: You Make It Happen, Darkness, Be My Friend, Circle of Flight, South of Darkness, Harald Hardrada, The Year My Life Broke, The Other Side of Dawn, Creep Street: You Make It Happen, Letters From the Inside, Tomorrow, When the War Began, Hamlet, A Killing Frost, The Journey, Staying Alive in Year Five, The Dead of Night, Creep Street, Tomorrow 2 - The Dead Of The Night, Tomorrow 6 - The Night is for Hunting, Tomorrow 7 - The Other Side Of Dawn, The Night Is for Hunting, Cool School, While I live ec-1, Incurable ec-2, Tomorrow 4 - Darkness, Be My Friend, Tomorrow 5 - Burning for Revenge, Tomorrow 1 - When The War Began, Staying Alive in Year 5, Tomorrow 3 - The Third Day, The Frost, which was published in 2022.