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Wizard's First Rule Wizard's First Rule

by Terry Goodkind

Genre: Science

Published: 1994

Series: Sword of Truth

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Deep in the upper Ven Forest, close to the Boundry, woodsman Richard Cypher is intent on tracking down his father's killers. Richard has no idea of how far his quest will take him from home, nor that his world, his very beliefs, are about to be shattered...
Kahlan Amnell, tormented by treachery and loss, is being hunted, pursued remorselessly by a bloodthirsty tyrant's assassins. A monstrous evil is about to be unleashed upon the world and she knows her one hope of halting it is to find the last great Wizard...
Together, Richard and Kahlan have a destiny that will not be denied, a destiny that will embroil them in a war three-millennia past... a war that is about to re-ignite with world-devouring violence.
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