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by Clare Tanner

Genre: Other

Published: 2011

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Life can be cruel, but help can come from unexpected places, at the most surprising times. We learn the most from the things that go wrong in life.Bacoria is a land where the gift of magick still lives, where savage monsters stalk the night and hunger for human flesh, and where in death, all men vanish into oblivion.Luca knows the darkness of Bacoria well. For as long as he can remember, he has traveled the untamed corners of the land with his father, Lodin. Endlessly fleeing from vague shadows of the past, Luca is eager for answers his father will not give.His questions are answered in the form of faceless men who do not speak, who come with fire and steel upon the small village Luca and his father are staying in. They are led by a powerful man with a single red eye, with some connection to Lodin's past, and the implication that this is who Lodin has been running from.Helpless, Luca is able only to watch as his father is slain before him.The sole survivor of the massacre, Luca manages to escape the mysterious man and his silent army. He finds himself in an abandoned town very far away, where a strange girl is able to save him from a mortal injury with a spell that links his soul to hers.Now bound to this girl, Luca sets out on a journey, following the few instructions his father left for him. With the ultimate goal of revenge in his heart, and his father's blade in his hand, Luca will uncover the mysteries of his father's legacy, while building his own.

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