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Rock Island Rock Island

by Bill Etem

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

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The Rock Island Symposium, years in the planning, brings together some of the finest minds in the field of satanic deception. An indefatigable English researcher, a Catholic professor, a pious octogenarian woman with many decades of experience in nondenominational homemaking, a young Jewish girl and a Protestant gangster from Chicago analyze the problems bedevilling Protestantism.A church, any church, either leads people to heaven because it is God's True Church, the Church Christ founded on a rock, or else it leads people to perdition, because it is not the Church Christ founded on a rock, it is a false church, a cult, though it might seem perfectly respectable or even venerable and holy to the deluded, to the cultists who have been led astray.If either the Roman Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church is God's True Church, how could Protestantism make any sense? If both Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy lead people to perdition, if both have fallen away from the True Faith, if neither one is God's True Church, then Protestantism has a chance of making sense. The Symposium examines some arguments for and against the Protestant sects under the cross.

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