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Always and Forever Always and Forever

by L. A. Fiore

Genre: Romance

Published: 2012

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This is an alternate-cover edition for ASIN B009CBG4DK.
Archaeologist Quinn Shaughnessy loves to dig, loves the act of finding lost treasures, but more she loves understanding how "what was" affects "what is". When she stumbles onto a forgotten castle in the middle of the English countryside, she is determined to learn all that she can about the place. Never in Quinn's wildest dreams could she imagine her quest for answers would lead her into the adventure that awaits her. After an encounter with an old woman speaking of magic and the sighting of a handsome ghost who haunts the castle grounds, Quinn finds herself pulled back into the past to the time when the castle was inhabited.
Quinn will learn that it isn't by chance that she was the one to find that which was lost. She will learn first hand how the link to the past impacts the path of the future, and she will discover a love that not even the passing of time can diminish.

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