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The Putting In Place Of Spaceman Sam The Putting In Place Of Spaceman Sam

by C.L. Bunnell

Genre: Other

Published: 2015

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A new world is needed, one has been found and there's a man who can get us there. His name: Spaceman Sam. The only problem is, he flies solo, he always uses the same broken down capsule and looks more like a surfer than an astronaut. So, even though he's the man for the job, it's feared he doesn't have the political correctness to negotiate with the natives already there.Spaceman Sam is the type of male every man wants to be. His skin is tan, his hair is long, curly and blonde. All the woman want him and the political leaders want to be seen with him. Why...? He's truly an American hero. He is known for flying solo and always uses the same space ship. He only accepts the missions the other Astronauts fear and since there's a new world that's been found. Sam would seem to be the likely candidate to take us there. But this mission is different, this mission life may already be in the new world.... If so, does Spaceman Sam possess the political correctness to gain us access? Can he negotiate with the alien life? Is he capable of being the modern day, Columbus? Will there be a day set aside? A holiday? A Spaceman Sam Day? As time passes and lift off closes in and even though he's the only one who can get there, the public begins to turn on Spaceman Sam. Now there's a race to get Spaceman off the ground before they insist on sending another, less competent pilot.

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