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ZaVeraid Trilogy: Awe ZaVeraid Trilogy: Awe

by Alexa Hoffman

Genre: Fantasy

Published: 2013

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Sam Hillman was just a normal girl, raised in a quaint small town with a typical clique of friends at her side. Little did she know that her and her close friends were part of a 'higher race' of human being. As their powers start emerging, enemies pop up in unexpected places. Now not only are Sam and her friends trying to understand their new abilities, they're also fighting for their lives.Peta has been living in London and having a great time. Then she finds herself heading home to Australia, as her parents have gone missing whilst bush walking near the town of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.Unsure what to do, as the search continues for her parents, Peta does manage to uncover some very interesting information about her family and finds out that, people are not always what they seem.

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